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Max's P.O.V

“Back so soon sweetheart?”

My mother asked. She knows I was going to lunch with a friend but she doesn’t who that friend is. I didn’t tell her because I wasn’t looking for a lecture on, how not to steal your best friend girlfriend. Knowing my mother, she’d try to get me and Os in a room and make us talk to each other.

My mother is really cool but she can be a bit of an embarrassing sometime. Her favourite thing to say is, “I’m down with the kids.” I mean, who says that anymore. Whenever I bring friend over, instead of say hello like any other normal mothers would do, she’d say, “Sup.” Or “How’s is hanging.”

When I was 15 she sat me and my first girlfriend down and told us to glove up whenever we’re doing the hankie pinkie, or we might get an unexpected bun in the oven. Let’s just say that that relationship did not last very long. The girl I was dating thought my family was too weird.

My mother is cool though. She’s the one that lets me and my 16 year old sister getting away anything. My father on the other is more rich. You might be wondering why I said that. Well, let’s just say that my father behaves like those uptight rich white people you see in movies and read about in books. He not a bad person, he just thinks that everything falls into classes and we should only associate with our own kind. My sister Myka and I take after our mother.

“Yeah. Just thought I come back home and spend some time with Myka.”

A lie I know, but I’m not telling her the real reason why I came back early. Shit! I’m not even too sure what went down in Os’s house. Yeah ok, maybe I played my part in the bitch fit that took place. But damn! Lil mama went all out. Burning shit and firing out insults like it was a buy one get one free day. I’ve seen Melody pissed but that was just a new level. God! But I do love her though.

I know I hurt her. I saw the pain in her eyes, the look of betrayal she gave me. Shit! I did hurt her, didn’t I? Oh man, I’m gonna have to make it up to her, if she’ll be willing to forgive me. I can’t lose her. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful girls before but Melody is not only beautiful. She’s smart, funny, kind, sassy and hot as hell. Girl’s got an ass on her. I mean damn!

She should be treated like a queen and if she was with me that’s exactly how I would treat her. I wouldn’t offer her a no strings relationship and I wouldn’t throw other girls in her face. Os don’t deserve her. He’s made her cry too many times and I should know because I’m the one she was always crying to. I plan to take her away from him and show her what a real relationship should be like.

“That’s really sweet of you honey, she’s going to love that.”

My mother interrupted my thoughts. I took off my coat and hanged it up then start to make my way to Myka’s room.

“Here sweetie, take this into your sister. She’s being a little madam today.”

I chuckled. “When is she ever not being a spoilt brat?”

I took the tray my mother passed me, which was filled with homemade cookies and chocolate milk. I walk to Myka’s room and open the door. I see her sitting up in bed with her laptop on her lap. It look like she’s reading but whatever it is, it must be good. Because she got her face so close to the screen you think she was trying to get into it. Her jaw was dropped and her eyes bulged.

I smiled. I like seeing her happy. She’s such a strong person. It hurts me to know that she’s sick and there’s nothing I can do about it. Shit! I didn’t tell you what she’s sick with. My bad. She’s got Leukaemia. For those of you who don’t know what Leukaemia is… Go f***ing look it up! You illiterate asses should know these things. I ain’t gonna tell you shit! Who the hell do I look like, Wikipedia? I ain’t your dictionary go research your own shit!

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