Chapter Three: Dan

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Chapter Three! This introduces one of my real-life friends. In fact, practically all of the characters are based off of either my family or my friends. Enjoy and please check my grammar! (It was never my best class :/ )

I studied the test more closely. It was just a basic parkour course. There were large platforms that were a jump distance away from each other, getting higher with every jump. I proceeded to jump on the first three platforms.

"Seems easy enough." I said, jumping onto the fourth. I walked through the door. It snapped shut behind me with a loud clank.

The tests got progressively harder and more athletically challenging for me. The changes that I had undergone showed their usefulness at these moments. I could judge distance better, jump farther and higher, and was faster overall. These all helped me to not, you know, die.

When I entered the tenth chamber, I gasped with both utter surprise and fear. This time, it was a life or death situation. Each platform was on a scale. If you stayed on one side too long or too short, you fell into a pool of burbling lava. I looked ahead of me and leapt onto the first scale. Gingerly, I leapt to the next and to the next. When I landed on the sixth scale, it suddenly tilted towards the lava without any warning. Without thinking, I ran towards the next scale.

My heart beat quickened and my blood pulsated through my veins. I rolled into the wall as I landed on the final scale. Looking up, I quickly, and clumsily might I add, crawled through the door. I landed on the floor with a thump. I had made it alive.

I looked up and saw that this room was ruined and broken. There was no door, and no computer voice. The platforms were filthy and covered with vines and overgrown plants. Sunlight protruded through holes in the wrecked ceiling.

I looked around and saw a young boy. He was about my age, yet shorter. He wore a black jumpsuit no different than mine, and broken black glasses. He seemed to be like me; he was a animal hybrid as well. The boy gestured for me to follow him through a hole in the wall. I nervously inched forward.

The boy grew impatient and grabbed my reddish hand-paw thing. Together we ventured into the darkness.

"My name is Dan, by the way." he called as we through the white, dim halls.
"I'm Ilene, but everyone calls me Ivy," I replied, "Where are we going?" Dan didn't answer. Instead, he pointed to another hole in the wall. This one was much smaller, though.

After making sure the coast was clear, Dan dropped to his stomach and inched inward, legs first. After what seemed like an eternity, he called quietly for me to follow suit. After my whole body was in the hole, something grabbed my feet-paws and tail. Whoever it was pulled me through. When I got to the other side, I saw that it was Dan. "Where are we?!?" I asked curiously, "And where are we going?!?"

"We are escaping," Dan replied in a giddy excitement, "And we are off to save the others."

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