She's The New Girl!!??

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Natsu's POV:

*Ring Ring*
*Ring Ring*

I slam my hand on the stupid alarm clock and slowly drag myself out of bed and towards the shower.....

After I'm done getting ready I rush down stairs towards the smell of pancakes.

" Hey dad!!!" But with no such luck, on the counter was a plate full of pancakes and ten eggs. You see my dad has always left early in the morning before I got to say goodbye. In the corner of my eye I see a note next to the plate....

Dear natsu,
         I'm sorry I wasn't there for you when you woke up, but to make it up I made you breakfast. Have A Good Day Son!!!
                  Your dad Igneel

Disappointment again, After eating down all my breakfast I rush out of my house and down to the bus stop.

"Oi, Flamebrain!!!!" I turn around only to fall back down with a heavy figure on me.

"Damn, ice princess get off me what are you gay?"

That was our thing, you can call us frienimies. His name is gray (rymes with gay :D)

"Lets go pinky, I heard we have a New Girl coming to our school."

With that we hop on the bus....


Its time for homeroom

Gray and take our seats in the back of the class waiting for professor Gildarts to come. 

"Hey,flametarde, what do you think the new girl will look like?"

"I don't know, but does it matter,she's just going to fall for loke?"

Now let me tell you something, loke was the best looking guy in school. But be warned he's also the biggest player we know.

"Ya, your right."

Before I can reply, we hear SQUEAK, uh-oh she devils here. Everyone else seems to here it too because there all running around trying to find there seats.

When the door finally opens, the red head Erza walks in, but what catches my eyes is the person right beside her.....

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