Once upon a past

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Ok so I'm going to start with the past of Lucy and natsu, and like i said I'm not really good at writing so please give me all your feed back that you can, I don't care how rude it is as long as it can help me improve.And this is going to be short.


" Lucy!!!!! Lucy!!!!! Where are you?!?" This is all you can hear in the bright green forest, a little girl calling for her best friend; who got in another fight with her father.

Almost 30 minutes after calling for her she finally sees the little blonde girl she's been looking for sitting on a log crying out those big brown eyes she admirers so much.

"Lucy?"she said in a almost a whisper.

"*sob* Er...*sob*....Za...*sob*....mama....*sob*.... died...*sob*....and... *sob*....we are....*sob*...moving..." the little 6 year old cried.

That's the day Erza's heart broke. They spent the last week together to be with each other for the can have good memories.

Later Lucy left and went to England.



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