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Songs for this Chapter:

Footprints- Tiesto (Ft. Cruickshank)

Crave You- Flight Facilities (Ft. Giselle)

The Way That I Am- Tove Lo

“Holy shit that was fucking insane!” Louis yells. “I knew you wanted to get away from mom and dad but I had no idea that you needed a bigger distraction than just coming out to watch.” He says a bit quickly.

“Wait..what do you mean?” I ask confused.

He looks at me a bit bewildered. “Ni said you wanted to race with him. I didn’t know you even had it in you to do anything so risky if I'm honest.”

I look behind me across the car where he stood being congratulated by a bunch of people I didn’t even know. We make small eye contact before I quickly turn back to my brother who is still smiling like some proud stricken father of their kid who finally rode their bike down the street on their own.

“Well I needed to release some needed stress and what other way than the adrenaline of nearly dying?” I fake smile.

“Don’t be ridiculous Mia, Niall is a brilliant driver.” He says before patting me on the shoulder and walking over to where the so called brilliant driver stood with the rest of the crowd.

I turn completely around to face him. He watches me from his side view. For whatever reason he told my brother a lie and I haven’t decided if I should be mad about it or not. I am more curious as to why he did it. I don’t necessarily hate him for it. I oddly enjoyed my quick time with him in the car. Should I have enjoyed it? Probably not, but I can’t help it.

Something about him drives me toward him and I am beginning to fear the fact that I wont be able to control it much longer.  There is one question circling around my thoughts loud and clear. A question that I wont be able to avoid forever. Do I even want to control it?

“Hey speed racer, ready for the real fun to begin?” Zayn says from beside me.

“Real fun?” I ask confused. “Isn’t this all over now?”

He laughs lightly, “No way. Now the party starts.”

Just then music begins to play from Liam’s truck and everyone scatters, some dancing while others pull drinks out of their trunks. I watch the free spirited crowd smile along with their friends and acquaintances. I look over to where my brother and his friends stand still talking to Niall. Niall isn’t listening to them though because he is staring at me. I watch as he brings his beer bottle to his lips taking a long drink from it. He breaks eye contact when someone says something directly to him.

“You do all realize it’s a Monday night?” I ask Zayn who is still standing beside me enjoying the loud dance music.

“For once you should really take Lou’s advice Mia..c’mon.” He says grabbing my hand.

I follow behind him through the dancing crowd. We stop right inside the center of the semi circle that everyone has formed. He begins to dance swaying to the beat of the song that is currently playing. I look around me to see everyone else around us dancing. I notice April and Harry in the near distance. I smile at his awkward moves and the way April seems annoyed by it. Suddenly someone grabs my hand and I look to see my lighthearted brother.

“What are you doing?!” I yell out over the music.

“Living!” He yells back.

He begins to twirl me making my hair fly up into the breeze we create. I can hear him laughing out the sound soothing me. I yelp out as he twirls me faster along with the speed of the song. I laugh when I nearly fall but he catches me twirling me into Zayn’s hand that spins me in and out from his body. I throw my hands into the air and twirl on my own never once feeling so free from everything else in my life. I look up into the bright sky admiring the shining stars. After a few songs I look for my brother.

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