Mitch's POV

(There will be a lot of time skips after this chapter, just letting you know.)

-2 weeks later-

School has now been over for a week. Jerome and I are still in NJ, thinking of where to move.

We spotted some apartments driving around the city. But decided to wait till we can check them out.

I flip over in my bed trying to get more comfortable. Naturally I reach out to put my arm around Jerome, but my hand fell onto the mattress, remembering he wasn't even here.

My legs curl up and I hold onto a pillow. And slowly I drifted off to sleep.


My eyelids fluttered opened as the brightness of the sun shined through the blinds of a window in my room. I yawned, rubbing my eyes to wake myself up.

Since I was already on my side, I reach out and grab my phone of the mini-table beside my bed and pull the charger out of it making it turn on.

I went through all my social medias and checked up on my YouTube channel. I already had 5,000 subscribers! Jerome and I almost have the same amount of subscribers, but that doesn't matter.

Swinging my legs off the bed, I stretched my arms out and stood up.

Doing the usual morning routines, I go to the bathroom. Starting off by brushing my teeth, and then taking a shower.

-Time skip after morning routines-

Walking back into my room from the shower, I take some clothes and lay them across the bed.

Just a solid black v-neck with some gym shorts since I have no plans for today. Aside from recording some videos probably.

I change into them when I was dry and also grab some socks and slip them on my feet.

On the way out my room, I toss the towel into the hamper.

Usually I would smell that delicious breakfast drifting through the air, but since Connor and I no longer have school cause of summer, my mom hasn't been making us any. Which is fine. There is tons of cereals I can choose from.

But I do hear a familiar tune as I make my way downstairs to the kitchen. Sounds like a old cartoon I used to watch as a child. I see Connor sitting in the rocking chair watching Sponge Bob Square Pants taking the last step on the stairs.

"What's up lil' bro?" I comment to him messing up his hair as I passed him.

"Hey Mitch." Connor replies fixing his hair but still keeping his eyes on the show.

"Mom here?" I ask him arriving into the kitchen. The cabinet for the cereal was cracked open already with crumbs of Lucky Charms on the counter. "No, she has work remember? But Dad is asleep."

"Mhm." I scan through the boxes. Cheerios...Lucky Charms...Captain Crunch...

Reaching up I grab the Captain Crunch box and set it on the counter, turning around towards another cabinet so I could get a bowl.

"Did you have Lucky Charms, Connor?" The question leaves my mouth as I get the milk out the fridge.

"Who else would have?" He says. He obviously had some. "You left a mess in here.."

"Then clean it up!" I chuckle at his response and pour some cereal into my bowl and right after the milk.

The doorbell rings. before I could flinch, Connor jumped up and ran too the door yelling "I GOT IT!"

The sound of the door unlocking rang through my ear. "Hey Jerome!" Connor says with excitement. "Hey, what's up? Mitch here?" Jerome responds, but I keep my eyes on my cereal.

"Yeah. He's in the kitchen."

"Alrighty, thanks buddy." The door shuts with foot steps coming towards me.

Before I got a spoon, Jerome sat onto the counter with his legs dangling off the edge. "Hey, Mitch." Jerome says stretching the 'e' in 'Hey'. "Hello, Jerome."

My fingers lock onto the handle of the utensils drawers and pull it open.

"How're you?" Jerome ask sliding his hands under his thighs. "Doing just fine, you?"

I grab a spoon and shut the drawer, focusing my eyes on his. "Better now."

Jerome raised an eyebrow at me as I put the bowl in my hands and lifted it up. I set the bowl down at the island and sat on the chair. He hopped off the table and stood beside me, resting his elbow on the counter.

"What do you mean 'better'? What happened?" He ask me as I take a bite of cereal.

"Oh nothing. Its just that I haven't seen you in over a week." I tell him, taking another bite of cereal.

He awed, "You don't even see excited to see him though."

"You left me for a week without telling me, Jerome!" I gesture in a playful manner.

"I didn't know! I just woke up to my dad in my face all like "Wake up! It's time for Disney Land!" like I was still 8 or something."

"Excuses, excuses, is all I hear." I mumbled still eating.

He sighed and put his arms around my shoulders laying his head in my chest. "Meeeetch."

That made me chuckle, "I'm just playing around with ya'. We have a little one around, that's why."

Taking another spoon full of food, Jerome lifts his head and kisses my cheek. Butterflies tingle inside me. A smile tugs my lips as my cheeks turned pink.

"Hey, c'mon. We talked about this. Go get a room!" Connor cried from behind. Jerome let go of me and laughed at him.

"It was just a little I-Missed-You kiss. Jeesh." I turn at him.

"Kissing is gross." Connor complained once more as he rolled his eyes. "Oh yeah?"

I grab Jerome by the collar of his shirts and yank him towards me, smashing our lips together.

"STOP! EW! NO!" He yelled running out the kitchen. The moment we pulled away, we start laughing.

I began too calm down, and soon Jerome does. "It's always a good time for a good laugh." He smiled at me. I nod in agreement. Glaring into each others eyes, Jerome makes the first move and leans in.

His hand slithers up my body and stops at my jawline, connecting our lips. I slowly kiss him back. Missing the sweetness of his lips. Jerome smiles and laces his fingers around the back of my neck trying to deepen the kiss.

Instead of continuing, I pull away. "As much as I want to make out with you, I got cereal to eat."



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