Am I the only person who listened to Jealous by Nick Jonas thinking it was the offical version and then found out that was just the clear version and your like "well then.."??




I woke in a dark room. I looked around and saw Trevor and my mother.

"Mom!" I gasped and sat up.

"Hope, I'm sorry." She frowned.

"What?" I asked confused. Soon, I heard a click. I looked passed my mom and saw Trevor holding up a gun to her. I jumped out of bed.

"NO!" I yelled. I ran over to my mom.

"Hope, I'm so sorry." She whispered.

Trevor shot the gun. I pushed my mom out of the way and stood where she was. Pain shot through me..

"Hope!" Mom gasped. I groaned and fell to the floor. Blood was spilling out of me.

"Trevor! Why is she bleeding?! She shouldn't be bleeding! She's a vampire!" Mom yelled. I put my hand on the whole. Mom tried helping me but she didn't know what to do.

"I don't know. She should be dead.." Trevor said softly. 

"M-mom.." I groaned. I tried using my powers but it wouldn't work. 

"HOPE!" A person yelled. I slowly looked to the left of me and saw all the nine boys. Niall ran over to me and put his hand on my stomach where the whole was. Soon, it started to heal and blood stopped coming out. 

"Thank you." I smiled.

"No problem. Does anything else hurt?" He asked.

"Nope." I said. He held out his hand to pull me up. I gladly took it and stood up. I looked behind Niall and saw all the guys beating up Trevor. 

"Guys! Stop!" I yelled.

"Why?" Niall asked beside me.

"He could give me answers!" I shouted. All the guys stopped and turned towards me. 

"Trevor.." I started and walked over to him. Harry and Luke held Trevor by the arms tightly.

"Who are you?" I asked harshly. He just grinned and answered. Niall pulled out a knife and put it under Trevors neck.

"Who. Are. You?" I repeated.

"Ask your mom that." He smirked. I turned to face mom.

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