15| Do I love her?

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20th August 2017

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20th August 2017


A picture speaks a thousand words.

It was true indeed. My hands brushed over the framed photographs, in the living room of Preeti's home. The wonderful smiles decorating Preeti's faces in the photographs made me smile as well.

The pictures depicted how much the Indian girl had changed over the years but the way her cheeks turned a lighter shade of pink whenever she smiled and laughed, never seemed to change.


Oh, stop it Luka.

Well, Preeti being cute was something nobody could dare to deny but still, some feelings were better kept hidden than being out in the open.

My mind wandered back to what happened last night, on the balcony of the very same room I was standing in. I jumped a little when I heard the door slam shut, and whipped my head around to see Abhishek standing at the door glaring at me as if I had emptied a bucket of water on his face to wake him up, this morning. He walked towards me and crossed his arms in front of his chest as if trying to intimidate me but only if someone would tell him it was not working.

"So, you like Preeti?", Abhishek asked with a lot of attitude and pride laced in his voice as if he was some billionaire's son and I was trying to whisk away his girlfriend.

"Uh... yes? Well not romantically, just as friends. Why are you asking me this?", I said and raised an eyebrow at him.

"Oh, so in Paris boys just go around kissing girls who are their friends huh- French boy?"

"Wait what?"

"I saw you and Preeti last night doing something Preeti's mom would definitely love to hear", Abhishek spoke in a sarcastic tone and smirked as my face twisted in shock.

"You were the one spying on us last night?", I asked, raising my voice a little more than I intended to.

"I was just passing by this room while you to were hugging each other, and you know what happened after that. I'm surprised that Preeti didn't kick you out yet."

"And why would she do that? It was an accident", I said as my nails dug into the skin of my palm.

What's the problem with this guy?

"In India, let alone Kolkata, people have a different mindset than the western people like you. We tend to be more traditional. I'm sorry but some people aren't 'modern' like you. Boys don't go around having make out sessions with girls until they become adults at least", said Abhishek, air quoting the word 'modern'.

"Well, Preeti doesn't have a mindset like yo- "

"Why don't you just shut up and back off? Don't think that just because you kissed Preeti, you stand a chance with her cause she already likes me", Abhishek said, cutting me off and smirked.

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