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        In this world there are remarkable people that want to help others. Every person makes different choices that can alter their future. There are some people that are driven by kindness and courage. On the other hand, hatred is a part of life that you cannot escape. It is an emotion you get from something or someone you despise. Some people use their anger against others to make themselves feel better. However, there are times when those that cause a great deal of harm to someone find themselves victims of someone else because they did not consider the consequences of their hateful rage. The best thing to do is to learn to channel your emotions in a constructive way. The best thing to do is to focus on the best qualities that we possess and improving our defective mannerisms. Some people learn to mature by themselves and others find something or someone that teaches them how to improve who they really are.  

      My name is Laura Mazur and I am one of the people that lives in Zionsville, Indiana. My whole life has passed by in this town. Zionsville is where my heart and soul has always been. It is in this place that I met my future husband Jeff Zapte. When I was younger I could tell that many of the boys were interested in me because I had developed at an early age. This made my parents very nervous, especially my dad Tom Mazur who worked in a car dealership as a salesman. My dad always told me that you know when you meet someone special when they are willing to put the well being of another person before their own. Those words had always held a deep significance in my life. The way that I met my husband was under a set of strange circumstances.

     Jeff was rather a shy boy that only had one friend at school named Arnold Haith. The two of them were considered to be geeks even though they were fairly attractive. Jeff was always into video games and he was a very good mechanic who got to work on cars in his father's garage named Zapte's Garage. Jeff also looked up to his older cousin Frank who was a successful lawyer that lived near his home. Meanwhile, Arnold was into drawing and he liked to go see movies at the local theatre. The past was a safer and simple time back then as I remember, but in our senior year trouble had moved to Zionsville in the form of Chuck Coda. Chuck was a troubled kid that was always in a bad mood and he did not like to socialize with anyone. The bullies from the school did not mess with him because of his towering physique. My husband Jeff told me that one day one of the bullies from school named Ryan James had chased him into the abandoned factory of Bloomhall Industries whom everyone in town thought that it was haunted and he hid deep within the place which made Ryan go and look for Jeff somewhere else. It was in that place that Jeff found a chemical gas tank that said Xarax on the outside which he accidentally cracked open when he ran into it while trying to hide from Ryan. The other Xarax gas tank next to the one Jeff came in contact with appeared to also have been opened as it had a pickaxe that made a hole in the gas tank. Everything happened so fast as Jeff inhaled the Xarax gas and his life would change from that moment onward. When Jeff inhaled the gas he was knocked out unconscious. What Jeff did not realize was that in the shadows there was a large make mastiff dog named Casey that saw everything that happened to Jeff.

     A few hours went by and when Jeff regained his senses he ran away from Bloomhall Industries as if his life depended on it. Jeff felt safe when he got home. His parents were worried since they were not able to find out where he was and they were worried when they called Arnold's parents and they found out that he wasn't with Arnold since they always went out together. Jeff was scolded for arriving late at night by his parents Beatrice and Hank. Jeff took a hot shower and then he went to sleep. After being asleep for some time he began having visions of something that was moving towards the Windows of a house. The house belonged to Chuck Coda's parents and Jeff could see how Chuck's father Larry beat him up for trying to stop him from hitting his wife Lorna. The next vision that Jeff had showed him the window of Chuck's room and he could see that when Chuck took off his shirt that his body was covered in bruises. He also saw that Chuck had a couple of posters from Marvel's Punisher on the wall. Chuck turned around because he thought that someone was watching him and as he looked through the window he saw a big male mastiff that was looking at him through the window. Chuck had a couple of leftovers on the plate that he had in his room and he gave it to the mastiff. The dog had an old name tag around his neck that had the name Casey on it and that the dog belonged to someone named Cary Bloomhall and it had an address as well. Chuck saw that the mastiff was friendly and he decided that if the dog stayed around that he could keep it for some time until he found its owner. After that Jeff woke up in the middle of the night. Jeff decided to access the computer in his room and decided to look for information on Cary Bloomhall. Many old online articles appeared. Jeff saw that Cary Bloomhall had died in his sleep in his office while he laid on his sofa. After that Bloomhall Industries seemed to lose its government contracts and was subsequently shut down. The thing that spooked Jeff was that many of the articles were over 40 years old and Cary Bloomhall had by his side his faithful mastiff named Casey in one of the photographs from an old article which was the same dog that Jeff saw in his dream. Jeff kept researching what happened after Bloomhall Industries closed down and one of the articles that caught his attention was that Cary Bloomhall's house was sold to one of a young man who worked for Cary Bloomhall and his name was Marcus Proux. Jeff made copies of the most important articles and he decided that he needed help so he was going to go and see Chuck Coda about finding out what was going on.

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