Prologue: A New Beginning [Start of KH1 Arc]

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(A/N; Shoutout to Bluebleo for inspiring me to make a Kingdom Hearts Story! Go check out their stories if you have time!)

"I don't understand it! I don't understand it one bit!" An injured black rabbit says to seemingly the figure in the distance. A yellow light shines down along the walls of the graveyard. A figure in red and white armor moves forward. "What good is a world like that?! All the people's hopes, memories, and dreams would be shattered because of your actions!"

The figure chuckled a couple times as a another appeared in the yellow light. "I don't expect you to understand, Oswald. I assumed that wouldn't be on my side in the end. Betrayed all the others!"

Oswald didn't like that statement and clenched his weapon. "Betrayed? I betrayed you?! Look around you! I'm the only one whose still left! Now, put down the King and let's go back to Master Yen Sid..."

"NO!" The figures voice shook Oswald and the King. The figure then composed himself. He began looking around.  "Tell me, Oswald. Do you remember it? Where we are right now?"

Oswald chuckled a bit as the figure got closer and pushed the King out of the light. Letting him get free but also draining his energy. "How could I forget? This is where the first keyblade war happened."

"Yes. That's true. will also be the place you fade away..."


Suddenly a light from seemingly the heavens shot down at Oswald as he tried to move but couldn't. Oswald started to fade away as looked confused.

The king got angry but he was paralyzed on the ground. "What are you doing to him?!"

"He was my friend. But I can't have him getting in the way of my plans." He walked the other direction and looks down at the King. "You see here, 'King.' That light is from Kingdom Hearts itself."

The King and Oswald looked in shock and disbelief. "B-But that's impossible! Kingdom Hearts hasn't been formed yet!"

"Ah. You are correct but, have you ever heard of the term, 'Early Accent?' It refers to Light taking someone away before their time to go." The figure spoke to himself but loud enough so the others could hear him. "It seems Kingdom Hearts can have this too and take away those with the strongest hearts. I wasn't sure if it was myth or just a rumor..."

The figure turned to Oswald who was struggling to keep hisself upwards. His weapon wasn't summoning like he wanted to. "But seeing 'The Lost Soul' like that, I'm sure we can say that it isn't all fantasy."

Oswald had enough talking and started to hit the light with his bare hands. Obviously, it didn't break but Oswald knew that. Nevertheless, he continued to fight until the very last bit of him was gone.

The King cried to himself as the figure walked away and opened a bright white portal. "I thought you were the chosen one. It seems I was wrong. Take care...friend."

The figure then walked in as the portal shut behind him. The King looked at Oswald through the tears. "Os...I'm sorry! This never would have happened if I was stronger!"

Oswald stop hitting the light and fell on his knees. He started laughing to himself. "It's okay. I was a fool for trusting him anyway. You have a kingdom to rule...take care...Mickey."

Oswald faded away and went into the light. Mickey was left all alone in the graveyard, grieving the lost of his friend.

But...Oswald wouldn't be gone so fast. Oswald's remains built themselves back on a mural of himself and others like him.

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