Chapter 1

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"You all packed?" my mama asked, as she came walking into my room.

"I think so. It's gonna be so weird not living in Houston." I said.

A few months ago, I came to the realisation that I wanted to move to New York. Not only for the change in scenery, but also for the independence.

My whole life, I've been relying on my parents to provide for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely grateful, but I feel like it's time for me to go off and do my own thing.

I spoke to my best friend, Kelly, about this idea and she was understandably upset, because I'd be leaving, but she seemed to think it would be good for me.

Kelly told me she has this friend, who has a friend, that lives in New York. Kelly's friend spoke to this person in New York, who I believe is called Jay, and he said that he'd be up for letting me rent out part of his apartment.

At first, I wasn't all for this arrangement, because moving in with a random guy isn't exactly an everyday occurrence. However, my parents agreed to let me go, after speaking to Jay on the phone, so here I am.

My mom came and sat down next to me, on my bed. "Of course it's gonna be weird, sweetie, but it's something you have to do. It'll be scary at first, but you'll soon be glad that you took this step. You always say how you want to be treated like an adult, so here's your chance." she wisely said.

I smiled and hugged her tightly. "Thank you, mama. I'll miss you." I expressed.

"I'll miss you more, baby." she replied.


Exiting JFK airport was very mind blowing. New York is nothing like Houston. I'm not used to these huge crowds, loud surroundings and impatient taxi drivers.

That being said, there's something about the fast pace movement in this city that I think I'll be able to fit in with.

I scanned the long row of taxi drivers until I saw one standing there with a sign saying "KNOWLES". I took a deep breath, gathered my luggage and made my way over to him.

"Hey, I'm Beyoncé Knowles." I greeted, with a warm smile.

"Lovely to meet you, Miss Knowles. Follow me." he instructed, before taking my luggage from me and walking away.


As we pulled up to my new home, a sudden wave of excitement overcame me. This is my first time seeing this place, and I want to take everything in.

The first thing I noticed was that this apartment was a lot bigger than I thought. I don't know if this is good or bad, but the rent price seemed more than reasonable considering the size.

As I paid my taxi fare and stood there with my luggage, I began to wonder about my new roommate. I'd only spoken a few words to him on the phone, and I don't even know what he looks like. Come to think of it, I don't really know anything about him.

I'm aware that he's from New York, that was easy to work out from his accent, but apart from that, he's pretty much a blur. I don't know his age, occupation, not even his surname.

I guess this could be a good thing, because it means that I have no preconceptions of him, and I can judge him by our first meeting. He seemed to be quite the gentleman when we spoke on the phone, so hopefully he will live up to that standard.

I made my way up the steps, leading to the porch, and then pressed the doorbell. Within a matter of seconds, I was greeted by a tall man. He had dark brown eyes, a relatively big nose and large lips. I began to study his outfit, so that I could get a feel for his sense of style.

He was wearing a grey sweater, combat pants, Jordan's, a snapback and a silver chain to complete the look. As far as his style goes, he makes a good impression.

He looked me up and down and licked his lips. "What do I owe the pleasure, ma?" he asked.

"Um, I'm Beyoncé Knowles. Are you Jay?" I questioned, wondering if I'd got the wrong place.

"Uh, yeah that's me. Shit, I wasn't expecting you to be here so early." he said.

"Well I'm here now," I replied, "mind if I come in?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure." He replied, before turning around and walking back inside.

I stood there with my luggage, shocked that he didn't offer to help me carry anything in. I shrugged it off and struggled into the apartment.

My first opinion of the interior of my new home was extremely positive. It was modern looking and very well decorated. If Jay designed this all himself then I'm impressed.

I scanned around and saw a woman, with fake boobs and a face full of plastic surgery, sitting on the couch. I smiled and awkwardly walked over.

"Hey, I'm Beyoncé." I greeted.

She looked me up and down and rolled her eyes, "Candice." she bluntly replied.

"So, are you Jay's girlfriend?" I asked.

"Yo Candice! You gotta leave." Jay said, as he walked back into the living room, from wherever he was before.

"Why?!" she shouted, before standing up. "You got another bitch now?" she asked, looking in my direction.

"Excuse me?!" I fired, standing a little taller.

"Chill, Beyoncé. Candice, just go damn." Jay said, causing Candice to scoff and hurry out of the door.

"Good taste in girlfriends." I sarcastically commented, turning to face Jay.

"She ain't my girlfriend." he replied.

"Then who is she?" I asked.

"Just some hoe. She won't be back again, don't worry." he said.

"Just some hoe? So you mean I've moved in with someone who's always inviting hoes round?" I questioned.

"Well I gotta find ways to occupy myself." he replied.

"Don't you have a job?"

"Not anymore." he answered.

"So how can you afford to live here?" I interrogated.

"I'll tell you another time. Now can you stop with all the questions?"

"You're the one asking the questions now." I smartly replied.

He chuckled and rubbed the back of his head, "Come with me, I'll show you your room." he said, before walking off.

I rolled my eyes, because one again, he didn't offer to help me carry anything. I picked up my belongings and walked on.

As I followed Jay to my bedroom, I began to rethink my decision. I mean, I effectively just moved in with a pimp. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all...

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