Chapter 3: Trial

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Y/n P.O.V.

I hate the smell of this damn prison smell. The air in here is literally rotten mixed with death. And it's also very sweaty and warm in here.

I was sitting at the corner of the cell, waiting for a guard to come and get me for my trial.

Trials here in Caesarea last about 4 days to be able to clearly state the facts and evidence before convicting someone. Each royal court meeting lasts about 5 hours so I'm really not excited about being in court today.

~Small time skip hehehehe~

I was beginning to fall asleep when one of King Romin's guards and another man came into my cell.

"Stand up now" demanded the guard. Grumpy much?

I recognized the other man as Romin's younger brother, the young Prince Yejun. We made small eye contact as the guard grabbed my arms and tied them behind my back.

"My my Y/n. What could you have possibly done this time to anger my brother" he said, emphasizing the word "this".

I liked Prince Yejun more than King Romin. Yejun actually cared about his people. He wasn't ruthless and selfish like Romin. He would start charities and small events to help out the less fortunate and would often times convince his older brother of passing laws and acts that would help the people out. He was 1 year younger than Romin and a few months older than me.

He has always secretly helped me escape some situations and has let my crimes pass. Secretly, we were somewhat kind of like friends or acquaintances.

"I literally just dropped some strawberries and he arrested me" I answered as we walked out into the halls of the palace. The guard has stayed back in the dungeon so no one was hearing me and the prince talk.

"*sigh* Well you know how my brother is. Every little thing is offensive or disrespectful to him" Yejun said while looking at me as we walked.

"Your brothers a bitch" I answered.

Yejun looked down and chuckled. "Be careful with what you say. We are in HIS palace after all".

"Yeah yeah I know" I said annoyed.

"Well I don't think I can help you out of this one but good luck" Yejun said while smiling at me. He then pushed me through the doors of the courthouse. Everyone was already there waiting for my arrival. A guard grabbed me by the arm, took my hands and tied them to a metal column in the middle of the courthouse. I was now standing with my hands tied behind my back facing King Romin and the high judge of the court, Dongheon.

"Welcome Y/n" said Romin with a devilish smirk plastered on his face.

"Fuck you too" I answered.

Then the whole court went silent...


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