Chapter 10: Suspicions

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Jungkook P.O.V.

It was finally the day of Eunbi's birthday. After spending a month preparing for this, we had finally gotten everything ready for her to be surprised. In that same span of the month, I had gone down to visit Y/N quite a few times. Namjoon had also gone down to "visit artworks" but it's most likely he took an interest in her as well. I will worry about him later but for now, we must all prepare for Eunbi's surprise.

"Hey Taehyung, can you call the others to make sure that decorations are all put in place for tonight?"

"Sure but do you know if Jimin finished Eunbi's dress tunic? If she's going to wear it today, he has to give it to her early" said Taehyung.

"I'll go ask him about the dress and ask if he has anything to accessorize it with"

I went up to Jimin's bedroom when I heard two voices whispering from inside the room.

"Those two definitely have something going on but I can't seem to pinpoint it"

Those two? Could they be speaking about Namjoon and I?

"Yes, of course. I saw them both go down to the human realm almost a month ago. Normally they speak of their trips but this time, they were very secretive, almost as if hiding something".

Yoongi? Shit! So now Jimin and Yoongi have caught on to the fact that me and Namjoon have been secretive about our trips.

Jimin P.O.V.

"Exactly! I had caught Jungkook and Namjoon discussing something before their little "trips". Jungkook told me that it was just that they were preparing a surprise party for Eunbi but something tells me they spoke about something more" I said.

Yoongi sighed and answered

"I'll try to get some information out of them tonight at the party. For now, let's focus on the preparations"

"Of course"

Just as our conversation ended, we heard a knock on my bedroom door.

"Come in" I yelled.

Jungkook came in and averted his eyes from me to Yoongi.

"Hey Yoongi, didn't expect to see you in here this early" he smiled.

"Good morning Jungkook" answered Yoongi.

"Is there something you need Jungkook?"

"Yes I was wondering if your dress tunic for Eunbi is completed? I have some necklaces and rings that Hoseok gave me to accompany her dress" answered Jungkook.

"Ah, yes. Her dress is ready and beautiful. Here, give me the jewelry and I will give it to Yuju so she can give them to Eunbi"

"Alright then, I will head back and continue to prepare the main hall for the party" said Jungkook.

"Ciao" I answered.

"Well, I should go help Jin with the preparations for the pastries" said Yoongi.

"Alright then, I'll see you all in a bit" I said.

Yoongi walked out of my bedroom and I began to prepare the dress tunic. It was a beautiful crème colored tunic with golden alignments. I had to admit, I was truly a talented god to create this dress.

I set the dress in a golden box with the jewelry inside and sealed it off. I then traveled to over to the girls temple and gave it to Yuju.

"She's going to love it! Thank you very much." said Yuju.

"Anytime, I'll see you all tonight" I said and hugged Yuju. I bid her goodbye and headed back to Olympia. Tonight was going to be very interesting...


To all my readers, thank you so much for continuing to read this book and for supporting me sooo much. If you don't know already, I am now a senior in high school meaning I will graduate in spring of 2022 (Happy New Year btw). Going through my most important high school years during a pandemic has been one of the hardest challenges I have ever had to face. My mental state was deteriorating as well as my physical state but thankfully, I am now attending therapy and I am maturing and growing as a person. I sincerely apologize for not being able to handle publishing the rest of this story. A new fresh year has started and I would like to continue this book so yaaaayyyyy!

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