Chapter 2: Royalty

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Y/n P.O.V.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of horns and various instruments.

The king must be doing one of his "birthday parades".

Every year on his birthday, the king rides his horse around Caesarea just to show of his expensive jewelry or luxurious clothing to the poor.

His name is Romin. He loves humiliating us like that and I hate him for that. He doesn't deserve to life the good life.

I got down from the tree and headed towards the Leon River.

There I washed my self and washed the same gray dress I wear every day. After that, I started walking toward the center of the city to find me some food to steal so I could eat.

I was able to steal a small bowl of strawberries.

Just my luck...

As I was walking down the streets eating the strawberries, one of the kings guards just so happened to run into me. I dropped the bowl of strawberries, causing the bowl to break, scarring the king's horse.

Great... just great.

King Romin P.O.V.

I felt my horse jump up in fear of the shattered glass on the floor. I calmed him down and got off my horse, walking towards the girl who had dropped it.

"Y/n, causing trouble on my birthday I see"

"Tch" she answered looking away.

"Oh... so you cause all this commotion on my birthday and yet you still remain disrespectful huh" I answered.

This isn't the first time I have to deal with Y/n. She has been charged of crimes before and has even been arrested yet she still continues to not care. She has managed to escape prison and death so many times I hate it. Filthy street rat. I'll punish her for causing trouble!

I was beginning to grow angrier at her. The thought of her always ruining special occasions made me want to rage at her.

However, I am curious of her monotonous attitude...

"Guards! Tie her hands together and taker back to the palace. She is to see trial for her crimes!" I yelled.

She's finally mine...

Y/n P.O.V.

Arrested?!?! What the fuck? Ugh this is such a hassle.

Two guards were tying my hands behind my back and preparing to take my to the palace.

"Could you be more gentle with my hands" I said to the two guards annoyed as they tied my hands. They were messing with my with my damaged hand and it was causing me quite a bit of discomfort. The guards only tightened the rope more and dragged me onto a horse.

Then I was on my way to the dungeon...

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