30 Days To Fall In Love

My friends told me that if you can't get a girl to fall in love with you after 30 days, either you're hopeless or she's not the one for you. I fell in love with Emma, and decided I had to make her fall in love with me... Little did I know how much of a challenge that was going to be.
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Nice story idea :P I liked it, and normally I dont like these kinds of stories..... you know, because theyre..... whatever :P keep up the good work! Voting!
I like this story and I'm not joking! It is one of the best stories I've read! 

I like the details you added to the beginning!
Awwww!!! He's adorable! There was no pauses in between and it gave me a clear picture of what was going on. Good job :)
beautiful , love it , your deff talented ill be voting for you , there is nothing bad about it
really interesting start to the story and I love how it ends in an open question definitely the start to an amazing book :) your a brilliant writer :)
Amazing start, I really like it! The descriptions are brilliant! You are a really good writer, and I can't wait to see what else you have written!

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