Save My Day

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sallyscissor By sallyscissor Updated a year ago
Damon Jacobs is new to the Hollywood scene. His bad boy attitude and sexy British accent make this up-and-comer someone to watch out for. 
Topher Ashton has been a Hollywood Heartthrob since he was a teenager. He’s the one all the girls want and all the guys strive to be. Even with a miserable past; Topher is the envy of all.
It’s the premiere of one of Hollywood’s newest blockbusters. Costars - and best friends - Topher and Damon are set to be the newest ‘It-boys’ when ‘Save The Day’ their new superhero comedy hits the box office.  Will one drunken after-party change everything? And more importantly, will they lose a great friendship or will everything work out ‘for better or for worse’?
awosme_gee awosme_gee a month ago
This is me and name is Gabrielle. HA! DOES THIS PERSON KNOW ME!
OtakuArmy OtakuArmy a month ago
@TheHappyHearts though that they were all secretly gay and yasssssss Ceil lookin to cute
XxKeepMyselfAlivexX XxKeepMyselfAlivexX 4 months ago
I just remember being in love with this line and I have no idea why
Hades_Princess Hades_Princess 4 months ago
Okay. Maybe i shouldn't have read 'As Evil As Ignorance' First...UGH! Now it's going to feel all weird reading 'Save My Day'..Cause I'll know how everything will turn out...-Sighs- Oh wellz...
IvanTorrevillas IvanTorrevillas 4 months ago
Sounds like a digimon... Tophamon changes!!!....MegaTophamon!!!