The Darkness of Forever

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alanatopakian By alanatopakian Updated 3 years ago
What if something terrible happened to you and all you wanted to do was become the normal teenager you were before the incident and given the opportunity to have your life back again, no matter what the consequences?  Would you do it? Even if becoming “normal” again meant you would first have to become something so mythical and different and beyond anything you could ever imagine? Would you still do it?  
 Nicky is your typical teenage girl whose life unfortunately gets cut short one day by a hit and run driver.  Not able to adjust easily in the afterlife, she yearns to go back to her human life and tries desperately to find a way.  Eventually she does but  soon realizes that there are always consequences for your actions and the shadows waiting in the dark are there to make you pay for deeds done, no matter which lifetime they were performed in.
soaringrobin soaringrobin 3 years ago
You're an excelent writer!!! This story shows promise, and i'm defenatly reading on :D
westwicks westwicks 3 years ago
Awwww... It was sad at the beginning but it was amazing how you wrote with such emotion. I like the idea of your story its brilliant :) x
JustCeline JustCeline 3 years ago
The beginning was very good! I loved how sad the beginning is becasue it let the flood of emotion hit me fast and strong. The prologue is absolutely amazing and the plot idea is very unique!
CristianMihai CristianMihai 3 years ago
I like your idea. I like that you start your story with a very intense scene.

I like how you add emotions and feelings to your main character. This is how writing in the first person should be.
IBreakHearts IBreakHearts 3 years ago
this sounds really good, great details, and saw no mistakes! :)
DivulsiveFlame DivulsiveFlame 3 years ago
It’s a good Mysterious start to a book. Perfect for a proIogue! I would defiantly go on. Good Job!!!