My First True Love {Completed}

{{Believe in the unimaginable when it comes to love.}} Jane was just an ordinary girl when one day everything came crushing down her life. She lost her father at a very young age and had to see her mother remarry another man. But just when she thought things were going to be fine, a new family moves in right next door. She is not only intrigued about this new family, but what caught her attention was their son; Alexander. It all seemed like a dream to her when he first call her name and when he was the first one to be there for her whenever she felt sad. For once, Jane felt like she could trust anyone without feeling sad, but she couldn’t help but to feel that there was something else that Alexander was keeping from her. Will she ever trust him again after she finds out his true identity? Or when he tells her that he is in love with her?
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i think jack is alex❤️ its so obvi like he has the chemistry with her. U can totally tell
Um yeah I hope that we get to see the rest of the story in Janes point of view but instead of being 12 she'd like 16.
Jack isn't Alexander the facts that his hands were warm as alexs it doesn't mean its him...Probly it was janes imagining alex
First true love is a wonderful story and yes keep writing this story but I like Alexander more then jack
Well damn. I wish that had happened tp me when I was twelve. Do normal people get there first kiss at twelve? hahahahahaha
This is a very good one. picked it up from your profile. Awesome storyline. definitely added to my library, voted and fanned! :)

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