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Alana Topakian



Random things about Me:

I love music, but I suck at singing.
I love flying, and am working towards getting my pilots license.

I wait for 11:11 so I get to make a wish.

I want things I can’t have, and love the things I do have.

I love to write and read, but I’m the farthest thing from a nerd.

I'm from Centerport, New York but live in Raleigh, NC now...

When someone close to me(like a family member that I saw a lot) dies, I have a dream of them saying first I just thought it was a stress thing, but then I remembered how when my great-grandma died, I had a dream with her. She was sitting on a rocking chair cradling two babies while she talked to like july(2011)(my great-grandma died when I was like 12) my mom told me that my great-grandma had had twins....then they died as babies....this is a completely true story.....

Anything else:

Feel free to ask me anything…. don’t be shy. I really don’t care whether it’s nice or mean. Although if it is mean, don’t be surprised if I'm mean back to you!

Alright well have fun reading/writing! Love you guys!


The Darkness of Forever

The Darkness of Forever

15 parts / 33 pages, updated Sep 24, 2011PG-13
What if something terrible happened to you and all you wanted to do was become the normal teenager you were before the incident and given the opportunity to have yo... read more
512 reads votes 20 comments 18


2 pages, updated Sep 22, 2011PG
simply a love story that starts at the end
200 reads votes 10 comments 9

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Girly Little Secret
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The Boundary
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The whispers of the forest
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still loving it(: hehehe favorite book ever. its official!
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megan seems like she'll know the difference between her bff and matt...hehe cannot wait to see what happens!!
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