There Is No Such Thing As Werewolves?(On Hold)

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SofaKingHaley By SofaKingHaley Updated 2 years ago
A camping trip went horribly wrong one summer, when seventeen year old Jamie Greyson becomes the unwilling victim to a ravenous animal. Or is it something far worse? Instinctively Jamie seems to sense that the attack is more than ordinary. Jamie knows that she is being devoured by a bloodthirsty werewolf.

 Although she survives the attack, Jamie begins to wonder something; will she become a werewolf monster? Jamie intends on finding out, even if it means returning to the campgrounds to face her attacker. 

 Jamie is quickly thrust into a world unlike her own, and as the circumstances begin to stack against her she must fight for her freedom and for her humanity. Because after all there is no such thing as werewolves...right?
MightyMeCreative92 MightyMeCreative92 2 years ago
I love how Mikhail took that piece from her car very smart! that jerk!!!!
MoonCat22 MoonCat22 3 years ago
omg I love Jamie. She is my fictional best friend! :D "Go fuck a goat." XDDDDDD
WrenRocks WrenRocks 3 years ago
@bluepeoples14 if you don't read the stories don't make a ruse comment (beca this is your sister mal)
breakingmoonlight breakingmoonlight 3 years ago
gosh. this story makes me laugh, so much!!!! Jamie just cracks me up!!! XD