Saving Mr.Bieber

Carter Gray was just chilling at a club in Los Angeles when she stumbles upon the one and only Justin Bieber. Justin's drunk from too much drinking and Carter decides on helping him. Justin's the biggest player in Hollywood. He's dated numerous of girls and broken numerous of hearts. But Justin used to be different. He used to be loving and caring. But fame changes everybody, doesn't it? Or was it even fame to begin with? Justin's not himself. He's pretending to be someone he's not. And Carter realizes that. Carter soon starts to understand and get to know the real Justin, wanting to help him find himself again. To find that smalltown, loving kid he used to be. Carter wants to find a way into Justin's heart, to bring back the real him. She wants to be the friend he desperately needs. But Justin soon starts to fall for Carter, caring about her like the real Justin should. But Carter never intended for him to fall for her...and she definitely didn't intend to fall for him. Will fate help Carter save Justin? Or will fate make things worst...because fate can be very twisted sometimes. ----------------------- "The most amazing, romance filled, and funny love story I ever read ! I couldn't stop reading it! Can't wait for the next chapter!" ~jenabean11  "An Interesting story but with an epic twist!"-Daisie "This story is amazing! After I read a new chapter, I'm practically pulling my hair out waiting for more. Simply captivating, and I love it like that."  ~xxSweetPoisonsxx "Most Amazing Romantic Comedy I've Ever Read! One of The Best Stories Ever! Can Never Read Enough! Cannot Wait Until The Next Part!!" ~ShawtyManeLover3194 "I loved it. The story make a point of how a celebrity can be changed and how the media isn't always true. The realationship of Justin and Carter seems like you are reading a real diary.- Tamika
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soo is there like gayness going on? because if it is continue because I'm totally fine with that.
This is an awesome book! It was the first one I read starting using Watt pad. I think you should write a sequel to this(: you are a talented writer.
OMB this is so... perfect? It shows that even celebrities need a friend, they're people as well xxxx love this =)
i finish reading the whole thing and let me tell you something... is like the best fan fiction i have read so farrrrr <3
i love it! :) this is my first time reading a justin bieber book on here and it's amazing so far xx
I read the whole thing in one night I had to push myself not to go to sleep and just wondering of your going to make any more ?

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