How To Love Again

Skyler's in love with her boyfriend, Noah. They've been together since 7th grade and Skyler just knows he's the one she's going to marry. But what will happen when Noah and Skyler get in a tragic car accident? Skyler lives...but Noah's killed instantly. Skyler is devastated, haunted by the tragic images of that night. She doesn't think she'll ever be able to love again, not if it isn't Noah. But what happens when Skyler bumps into Justin? Justin's gone to the same school as Skyler since elementary, but it's now that they seem to acknowledge each others existence. Justin starts liking Skyler but she just doesn't want to return the feelings, convinced that Noah's the only guy she'll ever be able to love. Will Skyler be able to love again? Or Noah stand in the way of her and Justin? -------------------------- I seriously love this story.. Its touching, tear-jerking and romantic.. Its a tale of loss and depression until a star shoots across the sky and you find happiness and love. Cannot wait for the rest of the chapters!<3 ~TashaReneeBiebz
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I cried on the dirt and last chapter the first time I read it!! It's not like this is the third time Iv read this...<3
Awe:( I feel like balling my eyes out. i cant ever imagine how sad that would be if that happend to me):
This was wonderful! So tender and romantic, yet with a heart-breaking climax. I can;t wait to read more! :-) x
omg... I get emotional with books!!! and tht was EFFIN SAD!!!! brilliant begining!!!
WOW!!!! This is amazing... mine aren't even close as yours... can you give me a few tips
Love this story <3 You really write so much good stories!... wish mines were as good as yours <333

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