Zayn's Best Friend

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Kylie and Zayn have been best friends since they were little kids. They're going through the ups and downs of friendship and along the way, maybe even love. (I promise the story is better than the summary)
YOU JUST NEED SOMEONE TO TICKLE YOU. You'll die from laughter cx
Love it but you've killed me like 10 times and it's only the second chapter
You can think what you want. But being unrespectful not gonna make Harry and Louis happy. We love them, for their music, Why so much hate.
@ThaHeroode yes, because in all honesty I respect elounore not her but I respect the relationship thats what I repsect. happen to see how... oh I dont know how modest is behide every sighting thst they're in. thank you now bye bye
@ThaHeroode I respect her. but I don't like her. honestly if you guys dont like my comments than dont comment and carry on looool bye

if you like harry styles pls read my story cx <3