First and Only Love

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ChinksSoriano By ChinksSoriano Completed
Clarisse and Toff were childhood bestfriends and confessed sweet thoughts to each other when they were younger. But Toff had to fly New York together with his family and moved there for Toff's career. Now he's a famous teen age star and started to make a name. They haven't communicated for so long but it looks like destiny have great plans for this two. Toff had a concert near to his old town and he was really happy and surprised to see Clarisse after a long time of not seeing and communicating at the back stage. What do you think will happen after they once again saw each other and realized how much they missed one another that they both felt something like their feelings had seemed to evolve?
story234 story234 2 years ago
Awww, that was so sweet but the ending was sad :( I hope that they get in contact with one another again. Great work, it deserved my vote!
misstwinkles misstwinkles 2 years ago
This is such a sweet story already!!! I so added it to my list. Voted as well!
lamegamer23 lamegamer23 2 years ago
Whoa!! I LOVE THIS! Defiantly read more girly!!!! This is so good!
Rmsha21 Rmsha21 2 years ago
I'm liking the start of your story, but I'll have to agree with the comments below, try doing something different with your first and second paragraph.. :) Other than that, I like the way your described your characters and all... this is going to my reading list :)
I found this cute. However, try to find a different way to start off your story instead of describing your characters. Also remember to write out your numbers. Anyways, this was really cute and adorable to me for some reason, but also sort of sad. I voted. (:
Sk8er360 Sk8er360 2 years ago
Okay, So ive just started this and i tottaly love it already, It flows and its just my type of story. :)