Paid Boyfriend [Watty Awards 2012 Winner]

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kimpyvon By kimpyvon Updated 2 years ago
Daniella Campbell is a normal highschool girl with best friends who have boyfriends, because of peer pressure, she also wants to have one. However, Daniella thinks she is too good for any guy who is courting her. That's why she never had a boyfriend in her entire life. Her best friends told her that's because she set the bar too high. She went home on a very lonely Friday night and was browsing the internet when she accidently clicked a popup and it automatically linked her to a website. Not the average website, but a website that sells boyfriends! When she finally browsed through the catalog, she saw a guy who fits the bill. He's everything she wanted, but there's something that hinders her from loving him. Read to find out.:")
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read mine??? im just starting it might not be that good  its about a bad boy and a bad girl ahaha xx
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Could you please read my book?? It would mean a lot if you did. :) It's called Always and Forever, remember?

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Could you read my book.. And tell me you're opinion on the idea behind it
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