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Dirty One Direction Imagines/One Shots


"Hey y/n!" Louis said through the phone to you.

"Hey Lou! You sound excited, did you make it through to the next part?!" You asked hopefully.

Your brother Louis had auditioned for the X factor. He's made it pretty far so far.

"Yeah! Well, first they kicked me off...but then they called me, four other boys, and four girls back. They put me and the boys into a band and they put the girl into a different band!" He exclaimed.

Well you weren't expecting that. He originally wanted to be a solo artist. But he sounded happy, and that's all that matters.

"That's great Lou! I wanna meet them!"

"Actually, I'm bringing them home with me right now. We need some bonding time. They're gonna spend the night."

"Cool! See you soon then!"

"Be there in like 15 minutes."

You said ok and hung up. Then you ran to go get ready. You wanted to look good- what if the boys are attractive?!

You threw on high-waisted black shorts and a purple tank top, brushed out your hair so it was smooth, and put on light eye make up with cherry lipsticks, making your lips pop.

You finished just in time to hear the doorbell ring. You ran and opened it to see your brother along with four gorgeously sexy boys smiling at you.

"Y/N!!" Louis ran inside and picked you up, hugging you and spinning you around.

"I'm happy for you Lou but put me down!" You squealed, causing him and the other four boys to laugh.

When he put you down, you turned to the boys.

"Hey guys, I'm y/n." You smiled at them.

"Nice to meet you love, I'm Harry." The curly haired one said, smiling at you with his dimples.

You almost ripped his clothes off right then and there. He's so damn hot.

"Hey, I'm niall." The blonde one said.

He was unbelievably attractive as well- they all were.

"And that's Liam and zayn!" Louis said, motioning towards the other two boys.

"It's so great to meet you guys!" You exclaimed.

"We already ate, y/n, did you?" Louis asked.

"Yeah, wanna watch a film or something?" You suggested.

They all agreed and you all sat down in the living room and started watching some movie- you weren't sure which one because you were too busy stealing glances at Harry and Niall. You sat on one couch between them and Louis, zayn, and Liam sat on the other.

About halfway through the movie, Louis zayn and Liam fell asleep. That's when you started to feel hands on your thighs.

First you turned to your left, and saw Niall staring at you, his eyes filled with lust. Then you quickly turned to your right to see Harry wink and give you a cheeky grin.

Niall started to rub on your clit through your shorts, making you moan.

"Sshhhh babe we wouldn't want Louis hearing now would we?" Harry whispered.

You bit your lip, nodding.

"What do you say we take this to your bed room?" Niall said with a wink.

You nodded and stood up, heading towards your bed room. You could feel their eyes checking you out as they followed you.

When you got in the room, Harry quickly shut and locked the door behind us.

"This is a bad idea, mate." Niall said to Harry.

"I know I know, but how can we resist this? She's so gorgeous and sexy and perfect.." Harry motioned towards you.

"Why is this a bad idea??" You asked.

They ignored you and continued talking like you weren't there.

"Yeah she is..I bet she tastes amazing." Niall chuckled.

"Helloooo?! You guys know I'm right here?!"

"Yeah we know, love." Harry said with a laugh.

"Why is this a bad idea?!" You demanded.

"We just met your brother today! How is going to like us if the first thing we do is fuck his sister?" Niall said.

You felt yourself get damp just from the last thing he said- about fucking you.

"I like when you say that.." You mumbled.

"Say what?" Harry came up behind you and put his hands on your bum.

"The thing Niall said.."

"I'm sorry but I seem to to remind me?" His grip tightened on your bum and you tensed up.

"Ermm.." You didn't want to say it.

"Come on babe just say it." Harry whispered against your neck, squeezing your bum.

"When you talked about..about fucking me." You whispered.

You heard Niall chuckle behind you.

"Is that what you want us to do, love?" He asked.

You just nodded.

"Wow, Louis' sister is rather naughty, dontcha think niall?" Harry started to suck on your neck, making you moan.

"Yeah, but she can be our dirty little secret." He pulled his shirt off and continued stripping until he was entirely naked.

Harry pulled back and did the same. Then they both went and sat on the bed next to each other, their errect cocks in their hands, looking up at you.

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