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hey guys,........ this is a new thing ive been working on i dont know how long it will be or if you guys will like it but i hope you willl i tried to get rid of most of the typos when i spell checked it on word but you never know there might be some....... any way the song for this chappy is.... drum rooll.... TEENAGERS BY MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!!!! i luv luv luv them!!!! i know i doesnt exactly match the chep but i couldnt think of one that did.. if you find one that would plzzzz tell me and i will change it... 


Chapter 1  

Rule one: first days suck... some times..

"Omg did you see that guy, and ooo, he's hot too! I think I'm gona love this year!" Lilly gushes, as we walk down the long main hall. I roll my eyes. She was being her usual, air head self. Even though my first class was math, my worst subject, I wasn't too sure she was wrong. So far I've gotten a bunch of 'heys' or 'how was your summer' then they would ask to see my schedule and we would ether have a few classes together or none.It wasn't as bad as I thought it was gona be.

Lilly was right, the guys were hot. But most of them were older than us, and I swear about a quarter of them have winked at Lilly. How does she do that? Guys just automatically like her. I mean she was pretty I guess. She had a blanket of long blond hair which fell in big curls that cascaded down her back and framed her face. She had dark blue eyes that were almost a purple, and naturally red lips, plus a good figure.The triple threat. No wonder guy practically tripped over themselves to talk to her.

Me on the other hand, I had dark brown hair that's often described like dark chocolate. Unlike Lilly my hair is long thick and naturally straight with layers. My eyes are a golden green, and my lips are often said to be Angelina Jolie lips. Im not fat my figure is fine but I'm not very curvy. We are often looked at and watched as we walk by. Guys smile at us and take interest in us, but mostly in Lilly. I sigh and turn to hug Lilly because we are at her classroom. "See you at lunch!" she calls. I smile and nod. My smile fades as the bell rings. Crap! I take off down the hall way.

Being late on the first day is not the right way to start off the year. I hold my books to my self as I race down the hall. Fast enough, to where im not paying ation, and run right into a guy turning a corner. Sending me, and my book sprawled out all over the hall way.

Part of me wants to cry out in pain, but the growing up with three brothers side quickly dimishes the sign of weakness. I bite my bottom lip and slowly push my self up to my knees. I reach to pick up my fallen books but, however the boy has already picked them up. He puts out his hand to help me up of the ground. I take it, noticing he has a firm and strong grip. He probably plays some sport.

I take my books from him and look up to thank him. But my tongue only twists, the words won't form. He is absolutely gorgeous. He has short mahogany colored hair that's spiked in the front. He has crystal blue eyes, and angular features. From the looks of his arms, is probably frequent at the gym. He has tan skin and is wearing a pink polo shirt with a colar. The front of it tucked behind a belt buckle sporting some skate logo. I gasp but immediately clap a hand over my mouth and blush.

"Um, you're welcome?" he says noticing my pathic attempt at words. I nod then shake my head.

"Um, yeah, thanks." I say praying my cheeks aren't as red as they feel. He smiles crookedly.

"Hey, I know who you are." He says, making it as though a light bulb should be floating over his head.

"You do?" I say sure he's mistaken me for some one else. He nods. "You're Casey Grey. Lilly's friend. Right?" he asks cocking his head sideways. I smile to myself. How could he possibly know that?

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