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My Arranged Marriage. (romantic comedy and drama)


I CHANGED SOME SURNAMES. MADE SOME CHANGES, ADD A NEW CHARACTER SO SORRY IF IT CONFUSES YOU. fyi. i put up pictures of the cast on each chapter on the order of the casting list on the left sidebar. This chapter is Ara, next is Aidan, Darren and so on.


Laying on my back on my bedroom's furry rug, I put my arm over my eyes and sigh...

I can feel something isn't going to be right. Its crazy! This frustration is literally killing me but I cant shook it off.

I sigh again and roll to my side, burying my face in my hands and trying to calm myself down.

Why did Mum avoided me today? Daddy wasnt any better either. They were arguing a lot lately though. 

As I slowly open my eyes, the door creaked open.


I jumped up only to see my mother in front of me. She look tired, as if somehow defeated at something and has lost all her energy to fight.  

I looked up to her, furrowed my brows in confusion.

''Yes, Mother?''

She sigh and bow her head like she's ashamed.

''We...'' she started, unsure what to say. Then after a moment, she looked at me in the eyes and continued. 

''.. First of all, I'm sorry. What.. Um.. Just know that all we do is because we love youand to give you the best you can have. Your father and I.. we..'' 

she paused to read my face and something she must have seen something there because the next thing I knew she frantically tried to calm me.

"Don't get the wrong idea! It's actually quite wonderful! Perhaps even perfect!"

I stood up and stare at my mother. She's using her high pitched tone, something she reserved for the stuck up socialites known as her friends.

''Quite?.. Perhaps?..  Mum! I know something's wrong. Are you and daddy splitting up? Because that is not a prefect thing and I ref--"

"Your dad and I aren't spiltting up, Ara. What gives you that ridiculous idea?"

"Well you were arguing a lot these few months, especially these past few days and..I had these feelings so I thought.. It doesn't matter now. Just tell me what you wanted to say earlier" I pleaded with her to hurry up and deliver the news

My mum smiled, but I could see a hint of worry in her eyes.

''Oh, Ara. Don't be such a drama queen. You know I'm always right! I'm your mum, I know you. Trust me.'' 

Now she looks calm. As if the expression she wore earlier had never happened.

''Hmm.. fine. So, what is it then? Oooh! Are you getting me that car I want? Or is it sold out now?''

I really wanted that red convertible

Then my mom laughed.

''Ara! Hahaha. You really want that car don't you?''

I nodded. Her expression changes from peaceful to surprise and then amusement. I finally laughed with her because I feel so silly now and her laugh is just too infectious. 

Just as the laughing died down, my father called my name from downstairs.

''Arabella!'' Yelled his booming voice


''Arabella, come down here now!''

Oh, great.. now daddy's calling for me like this.. now I'm SURE it would not be any good.

''Is this a part of the thing you were gonna tell me, mum?''

I looked at her. She nodded and smiled.

''Mhm. Yes, yes. Now come on before he explodes. Hahaha..'' 

She laughing nervously, gently pushing me out of my room and down the stairs.

As I reached the living room I saw my father pacing by the fireplace with his cigar in hand.

''Yes, Father? And.. haven't you promised to smoke less?"

He stopped abruptly when he heard my voice and looked up. He finally approached me and smiled after puting out  his cigar and touched my shoulder.

''Of course, darling. It's my first in a week! But I.. We need to talk to you now, it's rather important. Sit.'' 

I was confused but did as he said with mum next to me and dad sitting on the coffee table in front of me

''Oh, so you can sit on the table?'' I asked. Recalling the many times he scolded me for doing the same thing. 

''I bought it'' He simply replied and I smirked.

"Ara.. because you're old enough, you need to know this. You remember a good friend of mine? The Grays?"

"The one that lives in New York?"

"Yes, well before you were born, Stefan and I.. we made an arrangement. To unite our two families for the sake of our children's well being and our companies, you will have to marry their son, Aidan. Now I have to make myself clear to you now; It's not a choice. It has been decided. But Ara, please remember that we only want to give what's best  for you and I will not give my daughter away to someone I can't trust. So I know I should have told you sooner but the decision has been made. They are coming here tomorrow to pick you up. You'll have to move in with them. I'm really sorry.''

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My Arranged Marriage. - Bad Feeling = Bad News (Pic of Ara)


Shailene Woodleyas Arabella Donovan
Max Ironsas Aidan Gray
Zac Efronas Darren Richardson
Eleanor Tomlinsonas Ashley Parker
Aaron Johnsonas Nathaniel Samuels
Blake Livelyas Genevieve Shay
Alex Pettyferas William Paxton

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