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Me and my 12 brothers. YES....12 brothers!



OMG! I like seriously love you all! Over 30, 000 reads! AH! Last time I uploaded it was like 27/28,000!....My god! I LOVE YOU! YES YOU! WHOEVER IS READING THIS! I LOVE YA! :D

And thank you sooooo much! :D <333

You have seriosuly made my day/night......OH and I also have nearly 100 fans :D

So....sorry about the late upload....and leaving you on a cliffhanger... :(....I wanted to upload earlier I really did...but my weeks been busy and I couldn't :(...BUT the good news is that I have a week free next week, no exams and no I should and hopefully be able to upload quicker! :)

OH this chapter has got a bit os Seth's POV in :)...I wanted to see if it works...I don't think it's that great...but hey! you're the tell me waht you think! :) :D <333

Oh and btw...I can't remember how I described April...I think I might have said she had blue eyes...? but anyways...she has brown now so ya :D :)

pic on side is of April :) ------------>

so sorry for long note......and here's the chapter :)








 “Whooa...haha...” Evan whistles as Chris chuckles...

The two bodies on the floor scramble up, straightening out their clothes...

“Nice one bro...” Chris smirks chuckling as he punches my flustered twin on the shoulder, who rolls his eyes in return....

My eyes don’t leave him though.....watching my twin as he tries to act casual.....but even a blind man would be able to see what so obviously happened.....

They were in the middle of a kiss.....

I swallow, and then my eyes turn in to a harsh glare as they sweep across to the brunette, who is looking down, hiding behind a curtain of hair with flushed cheeks...

“What the f*ck!?”  I snap out narrowing my eyes to slits at her and clenching my hand up into a ball...

I feel anger boil up in my veins as my eyes lock back towards those blue ones that have now looked to me...

I ground my teeth, he kissed her! He f*cking kissed HER!

Yeah, okay...I may sound jealous or something...but no!...I’m angry....extremely pi*sed off, that he would do that!

Why the heck would he do that?!...he never showed an ounce of liking that girl!....why know!? First he would have told me...and second....he wouldn’t do that with her...when he knows I despise her....

“Lex-“ Seth starts to say his blue eyes soft and looking apologetic but gets cut off by Blake..

“Okay!...okay!...enough...let’s go we’ve found everyone..” he says “And next two aren’t hiding together” He adds pointing to the blushing couple “God knows what would happen if you do...” He mutters but I still hear and the thought makes me grimace...

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Chapter 32


Taylor Momsenas Lexi Walker
Mitch Heweras Seth Walker
Tom Wellingas Charels Walker
Jensen Acklesas Aston Walker
Logan Lermanas Blake Walker
Nicholas Houltas Chris Walker
Alex Evansas Evan Walker
Michelle Trachtenbergas Charlotte Preston
Sterling Knightas Nathan Gallagher
Jennifer Stoneas Abigail Scott
Max Thieriotas Leon Walker
Jean-Luc Bilodeauas Hayden Dean
Asher Bookas Noah Dean
April Pearsonas April Dean

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