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Me and my 12 brothers. YES....12 brothers!


New Chapter! :)

soo...I've uploaded sooner than I thought I would :)...I stayed up later to finish it :) :D

Check out video...of Mcfly :P ;) has absolutley nothing to do with the chapter...but I came across it the other day(thanks to a mate :P)...and gotta's pretty hot :P ;) ahah GAHH..I love it! :D :P ;) <33 ;)







“Hitting the door with your head....isn’t going to make it open...” Noah speaks from behind me “And plus...I wouldn’t want you damaging your precious little head now would I princess?” He asks with a smirk in his voice....

I groan and rest my head against the wooden door, my grip still tight on the door handle....

I can’t believe we’re stuck in here! Out of all!

And with him......and it’s dark still...

I sigh defeated and slump against the door, loosening my grip on the handle......oh please...please, please let someone find us soon....

“You’s not that bad...” Noah speaks “Stuck in here I mean....” He continues “Cus then...that creepy monster out there won’t get us...” I can hear the smirk in his voice as he says this...

I narrow my eyes in the dark, turning around from facing the door “Shut up...” I mutter leaning my back heavily onto the solid door...

I hear his chuckle “Why? it scary?” He taunts, mockingly...

I scowl in his direction through the dark “No..” I snap....even though I’m not so sure if that’s 100% the truth...

Noah just chuckles in response again and I feel around  me and guide myself until I’m lowered on the floor, breathing out silently as I feel only a slightly bit more safer here on the floor than standing up...I don’t know why...I just do.....

Whose idea was it to play hide and seek? I mean who the hell would play it? It’s a kid’s game......I’m gunna throttle whoever suggested it’s caused me to end up stuck, in this airing cupboard with the biggest jerk’s on the planet.

“Hey Lexi...?” Noah’s voice cuts through my thoughts

“What?” is my short reply as I’m resting my heading my hands trying to keep myself calm....

“Do you think there’s like something else in here with us?”

I furrowed my eyebrows raising my head “What?” I ask blinking in the darkness looking across to his darkened figure...

I can basically feel him smirk, it’s so flippin obvious “I mean like....what is it called?...” He muses “That thing that little kids are scared of......OH...yeah...the Bogeyman...” I hear him chuckle only causing me frown even more confused, where is he going with this?

“ if the Bogeyman’s in here with us...” I don’t need to see him to tell he’s wearing that amused arrogant smirk on his face...

“What?” I blink in the dark, “How old are you? 5?” I snort shaking my head.....

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Taylor Momsenas Lexi Walker
Mitch Heweras Seth Walker
Tom Wellingas Charels Walker
Jensen Acklesas Aston Walker
Logan Lermanas Blake Walker
Nicholas Houltas Chris Walker
Alex Evansas Evan Walker
Michelle Trachtenbergas Charlotte Preston
Sterling Knightas Nathan Gallagher
Jennifer Stoneas Abigail Scott
Max Thieriotas Leon Walker
Jean-Luc Bilodeauas Hayden Dean
Asher Bookas Noah Dean
April Pearsonas April Dean

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