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Pinky Promise


I knocked on the door with a shakey hand. I was so nervous, not just about seeing my grandparents, but now I have Trevor pretending to be my boyfriend. I felt his hand slip in to mine and give it a small squeeze.

"You need to chill." He whispered.

I felt myself calm down as soon as his warm hand touched mine. I know he shouldn't have this kind of effect on me, but it's like I had no control over my feelings around him.

The door swung open revealing my skinny, short, plastic surgery lover of a grandmother. Looking at her made me want to laugh so hard. She was in her 70's and looked like she was in her late 40's.

"Andrea! It's so good to see you." She smiled.

It made want to gag when she said my name. She won't call me Andy. She says it's too tomboyish and I need to become a lady.

"Hi grandma." I gave her a fake smile and walked into the house, pulling Trevor in with me.

She noticed our hands linked and smiled. "And who is this fine young man?"

I rolled my eyes. She said the same thing about Kenny when she first met him. "This is Trevor. This is my grandmother."

He smirked at me before holding his hand out to her. "Nice to meet you."

"It is. Please call me Ida."

I held back my laugh. I had always found her name funny.

"Where's gramps?" I asked.

She sent me a glare. "He is your grandfather Andrea, not gramps."

"Yeah whatever. Where is he?"

She sighed. "I will go get him."

I smirked as she walked away. She learned a long time ago that arguing with me was completely useless.

"That wasn't that bad." Trevor said.

I looked at him. "This isn't the bad part. Wait for dinner when the criticize everything I do and say."

"She seems to like me."

"I told you they would. She thinks we're dating though. If she knew we really weren't, she would be a little more bitter."

"So you're just using me to make your visit easier?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"No! That's not what I meant, I jus-"

"Andy, I'm joking." He smiled.

I shook my head. "Don't do that. I'm already stressed enough."

"Sorry." He chuckled.

I heard footsteps coming down the hall and turned back to my grandpa. Unlike the witch, he looked his age and was slightly more enjoyable.

"Andrea." He smiled, pulling me into a hug.

Ok, he was enjoyable until he used my full name. "Hi grandpa."

"How are you?" He asked.

"I'm fine." I answered. "How are you." He didn't look like felt good.

"Oh I'm just a little stuffy today."

"Yes he was napping when I found him." Grandma said.

I could hear her implying how rude it was of me to want to see him. I didn't know he was feeling bad!

"Now," she turned to Trevor. "What is your relationship status with my granddaughter. Are you friends, more than friends, what?"

"She's very blunt." I told him, running a hand through my hair.

She gave me a quick look that shut me up and went back to Trevor. "Well?"

I could tell he felt a little intimidated. "We're um, we're dating."

He fake face lit up with joy. "That's great! The faster finds a man and gets out of that house with that awful woman, the better."

I bit my tongue hard. One of these days I'm going to explode and tell her what I really think of her stuck up ass.

Trevor put an arm around me like he knew I was holding myself back.

"You know?" I said. "I should probably show Trevor to his room. I'll be back down for dinner."

I pulled him up the stairs quickly. I needed to get away from her as fast as I could. I dragged him into my room and slammed the door.

"We've been here for a total of 12 minutes and I already want to leave. I'm pretty sure that a new record. I can't stay here for a whole weekend!"

"Come here." Trevor said, pulling me into a hug. "Calm down, it's going to be fine."

I wrapped my arms around his waist and laid my head on his chest. "Why does she have to be such a bitch?"

"Some people are just like that."

"Well I hate those people."

We stood there for a long time. I felt so comfortable with him. I almost could have stayed here forever, but I pushed the thought away. I wasn't supposed to be feeling this way with him.

I pulled away from him. "I should show you your room." I said quietly.

We walked down the end of the hall and opened the door. It used to be Jake's bedroom when he would come visit. Since he stopped coming, they have been using it as a guest room. I thought this would be the best place to put because it's the most boy looking room in the house.

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