I got Rejected by an Alpha

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I pushed the brim of my glasses up as i stared at my mate.

My mate. The most popular player in RoseHill High. He was a month older than me. We were sophmores. Now he said he needs to comfront me about our little connection.

"Lood Nerd i -" I cut him off

"Its Alisonette" I snapped.

He rolled his piercing grey eyes at me.

"Whatever..NERD, i'm just saying that since my reputation is a 1000 kilometres higher than yours...it's not going to work" He announced.

I stared at him with hurt in my eyes.

"Y-your rejecting me.." I whispered. He rolled his eyes. Again.

"Are you deaf? Of course i am you freak" He scowled in a 'duh' tone.

We stayed silent, hearing the rustle of the autumn forest leaves dancing in the wind.

"Fine" I snapped, forcing the tears to stay back. I sprinted off.

"ALISON!" He yelled, running behind me. I ignored him.

I dropped my bag but didnt care i was NOT slowing down for a stupid bag and Zachary.

I felt the fast air running past me, the rain slowly starting to pour down. I made my way to my house and slammed the door shut.

[ He's your mate Ally ] my wolf whispered feeling the dangerous and pityful pull between Zachary's and my connection.

Once you reject your mate, your mate and yourself will feel a pull that can drain you and wolf you forever until you become marked or someone marks you.

My brother Drake came in glaring at me disgusted

"Ew, get out of my sight you stupid whore" He snickered. I ignored him for the first time in 16 years. He gasped that i didnt shed a tear.

My parents saw me drenched and scrunched up their noses

"I knew you were a mistake ! I should have thrown you in the foster home for good" My mother hissed,

I ignored her too. Again she was shocked.

I swear i saw a tint of proudness glimmer in my their eyes.

Probably just my imagination.

I pulled my dark blonde hair in a pony tail and stuffed all my clolthes and possessions in my suitcase. I slammed the door shut and locked it.

I ripped all the family images of me and my brother or my parent when we were younger. We were a good family before i turned 2 years something happened when they joined a pack.

I pushed up my glasses, my eyes blanck. No one desrves my tears here.

I switched on my computer as soon as i was done packing.

I ordered a ticket to go to Monte Carlo.


"Thank you for flying with US airlines, i hope you enjoyed the flight. It is not 9:15pm in Monte Carlo" The annoying voice chirped. I snapped my eyes opened, i smiled my so called family should be happy that i'm gone.

They dont know where i am or how i got out. (I jumoed out of the window!) I didnt care about them any more. I didn't care about mates any more. I didn't care about love anymore.

I was going to change. Everything about me.

After all i am in Monte Carlo.

I took my luggages and stepped out of the airplane. Also stepping into my whole new world. I let my glasses drop to the ground, the lenses cracked and i smiled, i let the cool night breeze brush my blonde hair back.

I strutted down the stairs and made my way to the new life





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Chloe Moretzas Alisonette Grey
Jesse McCartneyas Zachary Lennox
Michael Trevinoas Jethaniel Lockwood
Hayden Panettiereas Kate Forest
Miranda Kerras Lexie Burns

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