I'm still alive, barely. Thank-you to the creation of energy drinks! 

Okay, so a little about my hectic life - I do shift work, so my roster is all over the place and that includes crazy ass shifts at times (the joys).
I'm in the middle of doing my house up - though it looks very similar to a construction site with projects half finished all over the place. One of those projects is a dirt track out in the paddock for our dirtbikes. Yay! So excited to have some jumps put in so I can stack it some more (my garage is not used for cars, only dirtbikes and a quad - not all mine either, lol). I kinda broke my bike right now, but she broke my fav pair of sunnies. So we're even.
I have two little monsters who take up what spare time I have and they are annoyingly amazing kids

I'm also impatiently waiting for the next seasons of The Walking Dead & Sons Of Anarchy.

Replies are super slow right now, so If I haven't got back to you yet - I'm not ignoring you and I will reply when I can. Thanks =)

***Uploads are slow and I have no routine. I write when I can and upload when it's done.**

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Don’t pre plan life, just wing it and live; be spontaneous. Remember, sh*t happens, it’s life, but don’t let it be a barrier, don’t let it hold you back.
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Description: This is a 'thank-you' for all the readers of She's One Of The Boys and She's On The Hunt. It will give short looks into the lives of Vance, Chris, Harper, Travis, Stevie, Brody, Grant and Saxon revolving around their mates since everyone was eager t...

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She's On The Hunt - (Book 2 of SOOTB's)

She's On The Hunt - (Book 2 of SOOTB's)

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Eva and Saxon are finally a mated couple but nothing is ever simple for them. Instead of settling down a...

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Mia James

Mia James

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Mia was just a child when she was placed into the foster system along with her older brother Moss. One t...

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Story Summaries

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She's One Of The Boys

She's One Of The Boys

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Secrets do not stay hidden for long. Have you ever had a secret that you would do anything to keep fro...

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xJay_Girlx posted a message to lilly-rain
Hey loved your series of werewolf books! They're really good! are you making another one? cause you didn't say it was the last book all I want just wondering thanks❤ Keep writing
Riverilove posted a message to lilly-rain
As far as werewolf stories go, SOOTB and the sequel are my favourites. I like most that I was never sure what Eva would do and how Saxon will react and if they will even end up together. It's not a typical stories and I would love if you could check out my story and give some advice. I hope to see new stories by you soon!!!
I LOVED your books especially SOOTB's. LOL especially all of Eva's pranks lol. I think youre a really good author and I would love it if you could check out my story and give me some advice and tell me what you think. I hope you keep writing new books because i loved the SOOTBs. Have a good day!!
Black-Mist16 posted a message to lilly-rain
Gee really....I don't know what to say but I am still flapping my gums so that counts for something I guess. Well not really since I'm typing but eh! You get the idea.  As you've already heard enough of, I've read your books, I obviously favor She's One of the Boys and She's On the Hunt the most. No offence intended, if that can even count for an insult. Sorry. But um, they were both pretty different and yes, you guessed it, UNIQUE. Probably had a mouthful of that one already huh. I liked how it was different and I really do believe that you have a gift in writing, it obviously does not lack originality so you can be smug about that one. I admire the morals you've put in your stories so thanks. Somehow, believe it or not, they've helped me in my own life, not sure if you're the type of person to have their ego boosted because of this. Anyway, I feel like I'm being a bit mushy here, well I beg your forgiveness if it happens so.  I hope you write more stories  because they're awesome. Whatever I've read so far seems to be anyway so thank you for existing :D Sorry if it sounds harsh Lol. I'm awkward if you haven't noticed so EXCUSE ME. I wish well for your family  and hope you find the time to write more for us so desperate readers hungry literally, for more.  2 years is quite long and I wouldn't say I'm exactly new but I haven't been here too long either. Hope those years were good  and  wish you well for the future...I guess? I mean yeah I wish you well but not sure if that's how should end it. Maybe...
      IT'S COOL. Love Them Books. Live Spontaneous As You Do. LIVE COOL.
      Gee..sorry. Hope I wasn't too awkward. :/
Hi Tasha! I know you haven't been on wattpad since 2013 (or at least I'm guessing because you haven't updated the mini series since 2 years ago - bummer btw:( ) but if you ever happen to come on wattpad ever again I just wanted to say thank you for you're amazing books! I first joined wattpad in the summer of 2012 and She's One Of The Boys was the first good book I ever read on here and I instantly feel in love with its uniqueness! It's so much different than other stories, usually the girl main character falls putty into the guys hands, not the other way around, which I'm so happy about. I wish you were still on Wattpad so I'd know you'd see this, but I guess I can live with the hope that you will some day. I really miss your stories! I know the She's One Of The Boys series is over and with much time I've come to terms with it, (when I finished She's On The Hunt I balled my eyes out because I was going to miss the characters so much) but I still find myself re-reading it over again after the years, I think it's my favorite book and series of all time with the way I love it so much. If you ever find yourself on Wattpad again, you should write more stories! You have a natural gift with writing and should keep it going if you're not already, and everyone on here will agree with me too. If you ever find time to write, that is. I read your description and can understand when you're working and have to raise 2 kids you don't have time to write. Thank you again for your works!
hezywezy posted a message to lilly-rain
Hey! I just want to thank you for being an awesome author!! i read SOOTB a few years back when it was on quizilla! I just re-read SOOTB and am currently reading SOTH. I made some fan art/banners for you, just need to know how to get them to you :) Again - you are awesome! Thank you!