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The Bet (Published Book)

Dedicated to
Lori Gaddi

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The song is What becomes of a broken hearted by Didi Benami =)

There's a cast on the side, but you can imagine the characters in your head the way you picture them. . .

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Chapter 2 *Plan*



October 7, 2010.

The first day of the bet.

I still can’t believe why I agreed to do what Andre wants me to do. I hope nothing will happen in this month. For thirty days, I will court her, and on the thirty first, I will ask her to be my girl friend.

Sophia Taylor, what will I do to make you fall in love with me? I think to myself.

“Draky!” I hear my sister yells my name.

“What?” I call back to her. She walks to my room without knocking, her blue eyes, the same shade as mine, are full of hate. “And stop calling me Draky! My name is Drake.”

She glares at me with all her might. “Why did you eat my cake?”

Oh. That chocolate coated cake I found in the refrigerator yesterday. After class, I was so stressed that I had to find something sweet. And when I saw that cake, I couldn’t help myself but eat it, savoring its delicious taste.

“I didn’t know it was yours,” I explain. “It’s your fault; you put it in the refrigerator without writing your name on it.”

She stomps her feet automatically. “You should have asked first!”

“Whatever.” I roll my eyes at her. “It still is not my fault.”

“It is.”

“Is not.”

“It is!”

“Is not.”

“It is!!” she yells at the top of her lungs.

“Okay, okay.” I raise my hands in surrender. I can’t take her whining anymore, it is so irritating. It was just a piece of cake.

Girls are so annoying. They are creatures that are selfish, immature, envious, war freak, and self conscious. That’s why I've never been in a relationship before; I don’t want to be committed to a girl. I’m tired of their personalities.

I can’t even stand my own sister. I’m not even that close to her, considering we’re twins. Well, we don’t look anything alike, save the eyes. I am older than her by one minute and thirteen seconds. We’re always teasing each other so we just end up annoying one another.

Driana is nothing like me. She’s sweet and kind to everyone, except me. I know how lame that sounds. She’s intelligent, not that I’m not smart. Who am I kidding? I almost flunked one of my subjects when I was a junior.

Driana taps her feet on the floor impatiently, and puts her hands on her hips.

“Don’t act like a girl,” I say, “It's annoying.”

“But I am a girl.” She says, drawing out the word girl .

My head’s starting to throb. “Can you please just leave me alone now?” I have to take a shower and organize my things before going to school. “I’ll buy you a cake later.”

“The same one,” she says through gritted teeth.


She’s muttering some unintelligible nonsense as she walks out of my room.

I still don’t have a plan, but I won’t let that stop me from winning the bet.




My parents' yelling is my alarm clock. They fight everyday; seriously, every-single-day, since the misfortune, not bothering to think about their sleeping child or our neighbors. I don’t know why they married each other when all they do is argue. I’m beginning to get used to it so I don’t question them. I should have learned from their broken relationship, but I didn’t, so now my heart is torn in half.

I thought love was the greatest feeling in the world. I waited for my prince for fifteen years, and when he came, he swept me off my feet. Our love was like a perfect love story. . . at first.  He was my shining armor. When I was with him, all my worries and problems seemed unimportant. All I could think about was how happy I was to be in love. In every relationship, someone’s bound to get hurt. Unfortunately in ours, it was me. When we broke up, my life came crashing down on me. It’s been almost a year since then, but the memory remains in my heart and mind.

Fairytales? Castle? Glass shoes? Prince charming? They are just fake, a trickery of the mind. The authors of fairytales have good imaginations; making their people, places, and stories seem very real. But the real world is hell.

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The Bet *Plan


Brant Daughertyas Drake Swift
Ashley Bensonas Sophia Taylor
Lucas Tillas Andre Lavigne
Lily Collinsas Driana Swift
Laura Leightonas Veronica Lavigne
Penn Badgleyas Parker Codie
Kristen Proutas Chloe Marr

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