ғavorιтe тнιngѕ:
Game of Thrones
Gossip Girl xoxo
Cheesy teen rom coms
Ed Sheeran
Shipping fictional people
Spies, especially Zach Goode and Jason Bourne
Criminal Minds
Jane Austen
Medieval-age men who always look dirty and sexy at the same time

My name is Emily. I'm 20. College takes up an overwhelmingly large amount of my time. I routinely fangirl over 18th century novels and quote Shakespeare way too much for a normal human being. I'm addicted to concerts and coffee. I spend too much time thinking about things that won't happen and I think I've finally convinced myself that I like me just the way I am- crazy awkard and contradictorary. I quote movies way too much in my jokes and write because I have too many thoughts in my head. I'm a perfectionist who struggles to please herself. I'm a college student that's drowning in work and swimming laps through life. I study English (read a lot of books) and Spanish (try to learn a new language while drowning in previously mentioned work). I've been picked on for being freakishly good at school and I have an obscure desire to be a hipster.
This is my second life.

Music: Ed Sheeran, Panic! at the Disco, The Summer Set, You Me At Six, 5 Seconds of Summer, The Cab, One Direction, Taylor Swift

TWITTER: acrazybookworm
TUMBLR: austen-in-august.tumblr.com

♪ $ѺηG§ Ωℕ ЯℰPℒÅÿ ♫
Everything Ed Sheeran sings
The Stories for Monday album from The Summer Set
Death of a Bachelor album from Panic! at the Disco
Dangerous Woman- Ariana Grande

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"ғlecтere ѕι neqυeo ѕυperoѕ, acнeronтa мoveвo."


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thatcrazybookworm thatcrazybookworm Apr 30, 2016 08:20PM
      I'm alive. I haven't written anything in ages except for academic papers. Someday I'll get back on the horse and finish that one book I've been writing for over two years. 
      k hope finals don...
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