I'm author with the general theme of "Everyone's crazy somehow; some people just hide it better than others." My characters have a variety of backgrounds, coping mechanisms, allergies, and placements on the sexual-asexual spectrum.

(Easter egg for fans of the "A Fistful of..." books: Narrators aren't always right in their assumptions about gender or orientation. Percentages among named characters approximate real life-wait for books 6+.)

I also freelance as a ghostwriter, editor, and HTML/CSS specialist.

• First Draft Friday project: A Fistful of Air, book 5 in the Chronicles of Marsdenfel (goal of at least 1 scene posted every Friday until that WiP is completed)

• Random as-it-comes project: Without a Spoon (posted in snippets as I write them)
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Why do I post a FIRST draft on Fridays?

I do this for several reasons, one of which being that some fans and fellow writers are interested in seeing what the story looks like in first draft form. Those uninterested in reading a first draft can wait for the final version.

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Want to find my work that's for sale?

A FISTFUL OF FIRE: http://books2read.com/CoM-AFo1
(3 published books & counting)

DESTINY'S KISS: http://books2read.com/DW-DK1
(2 books & counting)

SHE WHO KNOWS TOMORROW: http://books2read.com/DS001
(3 books & counting)

Find me on Patreon:

Find more stories on my website: http://mistiwolanski.com/author/

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Go ahead! I love fanfic! Unfortunately, legal stuff means I shouldn't read any fanfic based on my own work, so you'll have to share with fellow fans, not me.
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Happy Sunday, everyone!I am back on-track with A Fistful of Air, posting a new scene each Friday. I have some fan fiction going over on AO3 (Archive of Our Own), and I have launched a Patreon proje...
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