1st Draft Fridays - A Fistful of Air: Book #5, Chronicles of Marsdenfel

1st Draft Fridays - A Fistful of Air: Book #5, Chronicles of Marsdenfel

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Misti Wolanski By carradee Updated Jan 06, 2017

Sometimes, the next generation is all you have to look forward to…even if you won't live long enough to see it…
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Endellion Yunan is high queen of the elves, but her human half-brother has enslaved her realm to gain access to magic only her bloodline and their lovers can control. Her brother has stolen her son, maimed her husband, and now uses her for his own amusement. She endures for the sake of her subjects, for whatever is inflicted on her is at least being spared someone else.

Her husband has prophesied that her bastard daughter will free her realm…if she survives. Endellion doesn't understand how or why, but in the world of Aleyi, prophecies always come true.

But her brother wants more power, more strength, and she's going to have to choose who to sacrifice to ensure her daughter lives long enough to escape.

— • — • — • —

This is the first draft of book 5 of the Chronicles of Marsdenfel.

Enjoy—er, feel really bad for Endellion, the poor woman.

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PhoenixWinchester PhoenixWinchester Aug 24, 2016
Aha, so her original name was Tully, she just used "Tuelzi" as her elfen name. So wait, if Endellion and Tully are cousins, then that would mean Evonalé is Tully's cousin twice removed, and Lallie is Evonalé's cousin...what...3 times removed?
PhoenixWinchester PhoenixWinchester Aug 24, 2016
When you use this word, "Bynd", are you applying it to the Crystal, in its act of how it binds the races' ruler to itself and create a link? I never quite understood your lore on that