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The Ants that Carried Us by minahava
The Ants that Carried Usby minahava
✵2019 Watty Winner! ✵ They say that the two things Shah Minos loves most are fire and spies, but what he actually loves most is order. Even if it is maintained through t...
Oleander by laurelandlarkspur
Oleanderby laurelandlarkspur
They would sing his name for generations: the man who conquered the continent. Undefeated in battle, Andar of Tyr stands on the precipice of uniting the world under his...
A Fistful of Fire: Chronicles of Marsdenfel #1 by carradee
A Fistful of Fire: Chronicles of M...by Misti Wolanski
Tales of loathsome kings and prophesied saviors aren't so appealing when you are a royal bastard of prophecy... Evonalé Yunan is supposed to somehow free her grandmother...
1st Draft Fridays - A Fistful of ... (#6) by carradee
1st Draft Fridays - A Fistful of...by Misti Wolanski
Some mistakes take months or years to collapse. Some take centuries... The elven kingdom of Marsdenfel is poised on a precipice. Its father, Breidentel, has essentially...
A Fistful of Water: Chronicles of Marsdenfel #3 by carradee
A Fistful of Water: Chronicles of...by Misti Wolanski
She can regain what her father gave up, but it'll cost all she has to get it... Geddis Feyim is tired of others complaining because they have all she ever wanted. Her fa...
A Fistful of Earth: Chronicles of Marsdenfel #2 by carradee
A Fistful of Earth: Chronicles of...by Misti Wolanski
She has the magic to save her friends-but it'll cost their trust to use it... Lallie Nonsire Cobbleson is no stranger to prejudice. Between her heritage and her childhoo...
Atalanus by empiresofwater
Atalanusby Katie 🌸🌸🌸
The most powerful empire the world has known. A young princess in search of her own identity. Six people brutally murdered in the holiest temple. And a secret past that...
1st Draft Fridays - A Fistful of Deception: Book #4, Chronicles of Marsdenfel by carradee
1st Draft Fridays - A Fistful of D...by Misti Wolanski
This book is FOURTH in a series + a FIRST DRAFT. It may not make sense without having read the rest of the series. This is being posted as part of the First Draft Friday...
The Brewing Storm by Rosian88
The Brewing Stormby Rosian88
Set in a fantasy world, three different characters struggle for survival. Two are being married away into a land of danger and lies, and the other is setting himself int...
400000 Volts by Loraine_Pike
400000 Voltsby Loraine_Pike
Yossarin has been given the opportunity to try to change for the better. G is a sad teen, something within him has compelled him to move forward in a way he doesn't know...
The Conspirators of Krasnovska by _icedreamer_
The Conspirators of Krasnovskaby Sarah
Orphaned court physician Polina Antipova wants nothing less than to become embroiled in the convoluted world of royal intrigue. But when your best friend becomes king...
Rain is Alive by potato_house
Rain is Aliveby potato_house
Hot and cold waters of the underworld refuse to mix even as royalty splashes between the divide. "Her Royal Highness hasn't woken up yet," the maid says. The s...
The City Of Storms (Book One:Jurda's Veil). by Sblue180
The City Of Storms (Book One:Jurda...by Iyunade
Four Empires, Four Feudal Lords, One Orphan Girl, Three Outcasts, One disgraced Royalty, One Prince, Two Sinners and only one answer to the question left unanswered eons...
The Gorgos Crown: A Seedworld Novel {EDITING} by T_I_Harper
The Gorgos Crown: A Seedworld Nove...by Tamsin de la harpe
General Galbraithe Gracchus is a simple soldier. His brother Caius may be Emperor of Tarsus, but Galbraithe sticks to what he does best; drinking, seducing women and o...
Crown of Purple Fire (English) by DiamondVelvet101
Crown of Purple Fire (English)by J.M. Darkbloom
Every fowl and creature in the mythical kingdom of Ravanyn knew the fall of the Aschere Dynasty, and the Phoenix species as a whole. The demented King Tamlin VII proved...