Eyes Wide Shut: a collection of poetry

Eyes Wide Shut: a collection of poetry

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Misti Wolanski By carradee Updated May 01, 2019

I often forget this, but I aced my poetry-writing class in college. I actually took the class with the hope it would teach me how to help my brother with his own poetry, as well as how to understand poetry better. The teacher said I have a very good ear for rhyme and meter. I had to look up what he was talking about.

He also admitted that, if I hadn't been so open and happy in class, my poetry would've worried him.

I'll go for a few years completely forgetting I've even written poetry, then suddenly remember, "Hey, wait!" Like for a friend's wedding, when I forgot to write a card. I came up with a poem in 15 minutes. I don't have a copy now, though I remember the first two lines and the gist.

So let's pull out the old poetry and maybe add some new, and maybe we'll all pull something out of it.