-My Fav color is purple (duh!)
-im quite sarcastic
-i love to write (also duh, kinda)
-poetry is my least favorite type of writng, its not that i dnt lik it, its just that i really enjoy descrptive writing, naratives, re tells, persuasive texts and even reports (yes i am insane),
-family is insanely important to me, especially cousins, aunts, uncles ect.
- I love RAP music
- i luv 2 dance

My Goal on Wattpad and In Writing:
my goal on wattpad is to start a fan base i guess. writing being one of my favorite things to do i would luv (hopefully one day soon) to become a published author. specifically with my writing i would lik to accomplish the task of catching peoples attention and draw them into the book, then hopefully help them to visualize as well as enjoy the story. throughout the story, i would also like to help and/or make people see things diffrently, interpert things diffrently and teach a lesson and/or make a point.

My Works: (so far)
Poems (yes ik ironic)
- The Untold Truth
- Who Am I
- The Red Queen
- It's in Reverse
Despite the pain
A Beautiful Beast
Impeccable Darkness

i love feed back and would lik to hear it all. positives, negatives, thoughts ect.
i am also very thankful for my wonderful fans and everone who has voted and/or read my works

please check out works of sarbear101,Mylifeisntreal and rageandlovee! Amazing authors :p
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A Beautiful Beast

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Description: My take on the movie of Beauty and the Beast with twists and diffrent interpetations, I was Bella No more, No less If you looked at my life one way, it was horrible I was living off the pity of others, there was a moron who thought he was the king...

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Her testimony

Her testimony

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This is the story of a girl who can't tell the story herself. Yes, she's christian but she's not perfect...

It's In Reverse

It's In Reverse

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'Religious' or not, I think you should give this style of poetry a chance. It's more of an oral preforma...

Despite the pain

Despite the pain

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Ever since she was four, Nichelle had been forced to be a strong and mature woman in front of the ones s...

Angel's Soul

Angel's Soul

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A poem about the soul of a girl called angel.

Purple_gal commented on A Year Agreement - Chapter 24...

Was it really a good excuse to leave Jenna?
It just upsets me that she put her own happiness in front of her kids life. Anyone who thinks their kid is better off in an orphanage than with them in their new rich husbands life is despicable. It made me hate her more too. (Also maybe the twins can be a bit younger and going to boarding school or be on a school trip or child prodigies or something)
Hey guys! Check out RageandLovee 's book. It's super awesome and they've just started updating regularly.