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Contests & Writing Prompts by nonfiction
Contests & Writing Promptsby Non-Fiction
Give us a glimpse into your own life story with our writing contests and prompts! Join in our flagship #NonFicSpotlight contest and show the world what you know! cover b...
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The Man With Two Souls by Clato3
The Man With Two Soulsby Kristina.C
At first glance, Adam seemed like a normal man but in reality, he wasn't. For as long as he can remember, he has had a second soul that constantly fights for control of...
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Diary of a Cantankerous Designer by seventhstar
Diary of a Cantankerous Designerby Stef
A true story of a designer trying not to starve to death. Follow this sad, hungry and constantly devastated artist as she tells her story of art, from the day she discov...
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Rainbow Ties (#UnlimitedPride) by booksAndbooks247
Rainbow Ties (#UnlimitedPride)by @Torin
entrant into #Unlimited Pride "A personal moment that changed your life." Lgbt themes//self doubt//wonderful friends//complex gender identity
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The Zombaes  by ZoeyStanley
The Zombaes by Ouija.PNG
A personal story for me and my friends as this is an AU to our original story
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aH by devoted-doll
aHby vintage vinyl
a new spam story because why not
The Secret of Georgian Bay, Ontario by DominicVallee
The Secret of Georgian Bay, Ontarioby Dominic Vallee-KIng
"Just twenty-nine kilometers from the neighbouring towns of Penetanguishene and Midland lays the best kept secret in the Georgian Bay. Christian Island has miles o...
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Somebody save me by A_Extraordinary3
Somebody save meby A_Extraordinary3
This is my story. At the moment of writing this i am facing depression and a high level of anxiety. This story is about me and my "fight" against it. Please d...
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!Laci this is for you! by CourtClifford
!Laci this is for you!by CourtClifford
I wrote this for a really close friend.
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Personal Sleep Paralysis Experience by Randomdrews_
Personal Sleep Paralysis Experienceby Randomdrews_
Let me know what other Experience I could share!
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Gavin x Rowan: No longer a joke by x_BacklAsh_x
Gavin x Rowan: No longer a jokeby BacklAsh Entertainment
Don't drive yourself crazy trying to figure out who these characters are from; they are real people. I made this fanfic because I wanted to fuck with my two closest frie...
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Make Me Feel Safe by Trashbin_Kid
Make Me Feel Safeby Trashbin_Kid
This is something I wrote on the spot one morning as I was experiencing some insomnia. I don't know if I'll ever finish it, but I like how it is so far. (TW: There's so...
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Cancer (Phan) (OLD) by frank_the_shank
Cancer (Phan) (OLD)by J.J.
Phil dies
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book of rants by dnd_beyond
book of rantsby dnd_beyond
just a book for you to laugh at my stupidity...
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The LGBT+ Struggle by Cub_Stitch
The LGBT+ Struggleby Cub_Stitch
This is a encouraging book that provides information on the everyday struggles that people in the LGBTQ+ community face. Whether that be acceptance, coming out to family...
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The Letter... Goodbye by Bianca23Orozco
The Letter... Goodbyeby Bianca23Orozco
Love is a journey... you start as strangers, then friends, then lovers, then if you're in my case... strangers again. This is a true, short story about love. I experienc...
Mentalli's Bravest Fighter by FinallyMitchi
Mentalli's Bravest Fighterby FinallyMitchi
This story is about a female alpha living a hard life. Having divorced parents, having an abusive mother, having to live with her brother, being alpha. Life isn't easy f...
Knowing Annaleigh by Ninny-S
Knowing Annaleighby Ninny Shwellig Manilla
a story of a teenage girl told through her entried in a Diary that her theripist ordered her to keep. Annaleigh Williams is a fourteen year-old girl with diagnosed ADHD...
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