I'm Maddy. I'm nineteen years young and the queen of coffee addiction, bad hair and looking tired all the time. I'm a firm believer that books are better than people.

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    A blue police box.
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PaperOfGlass PaperOfGlass Jun 27, 2014 02:33AM
UPDATE (June 26, 2014):
            THE LIVING GAME: Finished! I am working on the sequel, which will hopefully be out soon!
            WHITE WASHED: I have started working on this again, expect updates very soon!
            RED S...
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White Washed

Social data: 11.4K reads. 170 votes. 54 comments.

Description: Amelie Maddox was sick of living in New York City. She'd grown up there and she wanted out. When she moves away to go to college, she expects to start a new, happier life. But that's not quite how it happens...

#896 in Paranormal


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The Living Game

The Living Game

26.2K 768 75

Meet Genesis Avery, an eighteen year old Vegan girl, who never wanted any attention. Her whole life had...

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Red Sun (ON HOLD)

Red Sun (ON HOLD)

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Gray Clepper's life was seemingly perfect. Perfect looks, perfect boyfriend, perfect friends. But when e...

Fate's Choice (ON HOLD)

Fate's Choice (ON HOLD)

1.7K 41 14

Alba Parks has long awaited this moment. It's finally here and now she has to act before it's too late...

New Boy in School...And He's a Vampire?!

New Boy in School...And He's a Vampire?!

261K 3.3K 183

Seventeen year old Celia Travers has always had a normal, boring life. There's always been the typical h...

#574 in Vampire

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