my name is Kaylie, dont say it wrong (kay-lee)xp
i love softball but i fucking suck at it ;) and i break my bones from it.
music is how i survived this long
i have cut myself before(obviously VVV)
i love to read and write.
im quiet but if you fuck with my friends ill fuck with your face ^_^<3
ummmm talk to me if you want :P but i dont talk alot at first.
i feel like a lot has changed for me, since the move I've slowly or quickly really, have lost contact with most of my friends. guess its just the usual work that fate has in store for me. me to be alone.
Kik me if you want just tell me where you're messaging me from please Cx : KayB0416




"If you have ever, Taken a blade to that beautiful body of yours, Skipped a meal at least once on purpose, Cried youself to sleep because you weren't "good enough", Tried any form of self-harm, Thought of/attempted to take your own life, repost this, lets see how many of us there are."

I think people need to open their eyes and see people for who they are, not what they want to see. you might just be able to save a life.

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I know im only in high school and im going through hard times but i always like to help people first and believe people. So if you support LBGT or you are and you're sad or hurt, know people are there for you. if not next to you or in your school then here, other places and all around the world. you're wanted and needed by someone and somewhere. i want to say, dont give up.
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Description: She was pretending to be normal while being experimented on at home. Her life was different from the day she was born. the parents she knows don't care for her or any of her siblings that were there. So she he...

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