So here we are, the dreaded "about me" section. Like a lot of people i hate filling these out. As someone who enjoys writing, I find it wholly ironic how writing about people who don't exist comes so easy, but ask me to write about myself and I draw a blank.  
So, let's see. I'm 21 years old, I'm a Cali girl blah blah blah
I'm here because I love to write, but also because Inkpop bailed on me.
Fun fact most people don't know about me, my favorite genre to write in is actually sci-fi and fantasy. You won't see them up here though lol i'm way too chicken to share.

My Stories:

A Tale of Three Brothers
-My child! These guys are probably some of my best friends lol so be nice to them.

I'll edit and or ready pretty much anything anyone gives me. Just know that when you accept a request of some kind I will tell you the truth. I come from inkpop and we're not accustomed to pulling our punches when it comes to editing. I will attempt to be nice, but I will be honest. Just accept it, and whatever you do don't take it personally. My goal is to help. Nothing more.

Semi new here so i'm not quite sure what that's about, but okay. If I fan you it's not because I want you to read something of mine. I've gotten a lot of those lately -_- No, most likely I fanned you because you said something that I found funny. Either that or you're an inkie. I fan all of them. :D

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1mcford 1mcford Jan 12, 2016 01:55AM
"I missed being born the oldest by twenty minutes. Mom and dad hadn’t even had a chance to properly freak out over Ray, when I decided to make my presence known. I always imagine the scene like somet...
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A Tale of Three Brothers (Completed)

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Description: Elliot, Sam and Dylan, three brothers who certainly know the meaning of the word, have always been closer than most. Bonded together through a loss that ripped apart their family and sent their father into a d...

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