What can I say about me...I love storms, rain, thunder...you get the picture...why?  Because they tell so many tales.  Every sound is a creation of music, imagination.  Have you ever witnessed a storm over the sea?  It is breath taking.  

I also love snow...though we don't get much of it here, but when it does I always wish no one would mar the streets and pavements.

I am an avid reader...I will read anything that cathes my interest...hence the discovery of Wattpad is a gift from god. There are some great authors in the making out there...

My favourite books....ah oh so many...Jane Austen collection, Charles Dickens collection, Chaucer, lets not forget the Bronte sisters, Steinbeck, Kafka (an acquired taste), Hemmingway, Tolstoy, Victor Hugo, Alexander Dumas...these books make me think.

Light books range from romances, humour to crime to drama...fav authors again vary Nora Roberts, J D Robb, James Patterson, Vince Flynn, Anne Rice, Morgan Rice, Steph Myers, Terry Prachett and many many more...

I also bake, sketch and spend a geat deal of my time working and the best part spending time with a very special man in my life my son who encourages me with my writing in hope that I will become the next J K Rowling...LOL.

So enough about me, if you are reading my books, please leave a comment, I will read them and do my best to reply...sometimes i get busy and don't get a chance to reply but I promise you at some point or another a mass reply goes up on my message board to thank you all for reading, fanning, commenting and voting.

I would like to say one more thing - THANKS FOR VISITING MY PROFILE AND READING MY BOOKS.
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Description: He was an Enforcer by birth, Enforcer by nature and it all changed at the age of eighteen, in one fight against the rogues. Doing what he did best, Lucas Channing protected his Alpha and killed the Rogue enemy Alpha. The sudden change in title and...

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The Alpha's Omega - The Mates Series Book 1

The Alpha's Omega - The Mates Series Book 1

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The old Alpha hands over the reins to his son Logan, he has sensed his mate yet she has not shown her fa...

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Book of Restricted Chapters

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shazzy150677 posted a message to 2312shan
not to be in huge pain in your backside and I know you probably get sick of people asking you this over and over again, but can you at least put us all out of our misery and tell us when you willl have the enforcer story completed by , I have and will be keeping this book stored in my kindle , the first book captured my heart ... book two ...is keeping me on my toes... please the suspense is killing me ..... update soon xx
CherylRaj posted a message to 2312shan
Request you to atleast put on a note what is going to happen... r u going to update or no... please dont leave your fans hanging like this
aftenstjerne posted a message to 2312shan
I hope all is well with you and your Family and friends, so that it's only lak of sparetime that is the case to you haven't got further with the story. Love your stories, so hope you soon get some sparetime to get further with it. @-->------
LillyPie4 posted a message to 2312shan
I know your probably get heaps of notifications a day from people asking you to update, I just feel it would be such a shame to leave 'The Enforcer' uncompleted as you have clearly dedicated so many hours to writing 'The Alpha's Omega' and now the 'The Enforcer' go to waste. I don't mean to be pushy and I understand you probably have a very busy life, but I believe you have an amazing talent. It'd be a shame not to see you use it. Your books have become an obsession of mine over the last few days and are very much worthy of publishing. I hope you realise that and come back to finish what you started.
      - a fan and a lover of great books (especially yours) xx