Well you've found my profile page, thus you've already qualified for an attaboy award (a pat on the head and a chuck on the shoulder).

Now comes the part where I tell you about myself (I'll wait for you to get some popcorn and get comfy).

I am a 20 something writer out of South Africa (Howzit my lanies, ons klap dit stukkend hier!), I am a professional cat herder in trainer, with other words a student teacher. My favourite authors are Clive Cussler and Terry Pratchett and I am a Marvel comics addict! My inspiration for writing starter with the Johnny Castaway screensaver which I took as inspiration for my first novel "Man on an island.". I have moved onto the horror/ Sci fi fields now and I can proudly say I am a serial writer and I love doing it!

I love writing about people and strong female characters like Quentin does in his movies.

Something interesting about me? I am wanted for various unstated crimes by the Tunisian Sock Merchant Mafia (For other amazing John facts check my facebook page).

Oh and this is my reading group- we are always looking for new members.

My twitter account: https://twitter.com/Writer_John_Mac


Hope you like my stories!

Peace v

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JohnMurrayMcKay JohnMurrayMcKay 15 hours ago
Okay readers and fans, I just finished book 3 of The Venom Protocols and I am now taking a month sabbatical.
            But keep your eyes open, book 4 coming soon :)
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The Venom Protocols Book 1. Rise of the Huntress.

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Description: This is the story of Charlotte Corday. Code name: Venom. Assassin for the Mafia.


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