Towers [BOOK ONE] by lidlesaun
Towers [BOOK ONE] by lidlesaun Fantasy
[BOOK ONE] "Our kingdom was once beautiful, but now the towers are everywhere. They say that Queen Rapunzel has lost her mind--and I believe them. Before, I might h...
The Darker Side of Hope (a Lord of the Rings fanfiction) by LexiB15
The Darker Side of Hope (a Lord of... by Alexis Fanfiction
When Rayel, Merry and Pippin are kidnapped by the Urk-Hai, the remaining Fellowship sets out to find them. Once reunited with her friends, Rayel is determined to secure...
The White Tower by cherrycrstal
The White Tower by Cherris Fantasy
Have you ever tried to make a dream? Have you ever tried to achieve your dreams? Fourteen year old Roselyn Evers was an orphan.Because of a dream,her life was saved.When...
Rosie Rivers at Malory Towers by AlienatedBanana
Rosie Rivers at Malory Towers by AlienatedBanana Fanfiction
Set 71 years on from the original Malory Towers series and Rosie Rivers, Darrell River's granddaughter is setting out on her journey to Malory Towers just as her grandmo...
ZERO SIX by MayenWrites
ZERO SIX by Mayen Science Fiction
[Sci-Fi/Fantasy] A quartered world woven in metal and railways beats with four hearts- hearts erected in metals and time. In ZOA, each of the four towers stand in the mi...
My daily life (a diary that I write in everyday) by PRINCESS_BRANDIAx3
These Four Towers by JerrieAndJarry
These Four Towers by gwtmanila Fanfiction
One shot. ¤ Based on Little Mix's songs, "Towers" & "These Four Walls".
remember me [2]; legolas greenleaf [on hold] by irradiated
remember me [2]; legolas greenleaf... by this is stupid Fanfiction
"how can i remember to forget when my heart just won't let me make myself un-love you, tell me that it's not true i know all the reasons, but i just can't believe...
Fawlty Towers Quotes by jestopher
First Term at Malory Towers by MaloryTowersRead
French Poems (in french) by Kitsune96
Hidden powers forever 💙 by xo_ellieb
Hidden powers forever 💙 by xo_ellieb Adventure
Will anyone find out about Ashley,ebony,Chelsea and Ellie's powers read on to find out
9/11 (a short story) by darker_er
9/11 (a short story) by jayda Historical Fiction
A story of three unlucky people during the 9/11 attack. Keep in mind, I wrote this as a school assignment.
when everything falls // harry styles by blujade
when everything falls // harry sty... by j a d e Fanfiction
The image of the towers falling kept replaying in my mind, over and over and over again. It seemed that it never stopped; I wondered if it ever would. // A short story a...
Malory Towers - what really went on while sally was away by JayLakhani
The Dark Tower by Gindew
The Dark Tower by Chris Richardson Fantasy
This is the story of 2 travellers, they both are on their way to a Dark Tower where an evil Necromancer lies, they must defeat the Necromancer and claim their prize! Thi...
The Wizard's Towers, Dragon Roads #6 by Rhondivilottwriter
Am Not Rapunzel by LightUpGasoline
Am Not Rapunzel by Light Maxwell Fantasy
We all heard the basics fairy tales. The princess gets the prince, the villain loses everything is perfect. Everyone wants to be a princess but the forget the beginning...