Luna-Why Don't We 💕 by 0xxttxx0
Luna-Why Don't We 💕 by 0xxttxx0 Fanfiction
Luna Michell, she is the little sister of the famous Shay Mitchell. What happens when Logan asks Shay to be apart of his new song "Help Me Help You" and with t...
Julianne's Step-Father by Khadijah_Stevens
Julianne's Step-Father by Khadijah Stevens Romance
The most messed up thing about infatuation, lust, and love is you're unable to spot the difference until you're sitting alone to think about it. And to sit alone and t...
Only You (An Emison Story) by Loveforemison
Only You (An Emison Story) by Loveforemison Fanfiction
(No "-A") After 4 years of attending Pepperdine University, Emily Fields moves back to Rosewood to work at Rosewood High School as the Swimming Coach. At he...
Emison: I can't fight my feelings by camren_againstreason
Emison: I can't fight my feelings by Color Outside the Lines Fanfiction
A-Free story about Alison Dilaurentis and Emily Fields falling in love. This story takes you on their journey full of Emison Fluff and Emison Fights. The story gets so m...
Right Next To You (Adopted Sequel) GxG by demisStar
Right Next To You (Adopted Sequel)... by Lemi Fanfiction
The Neon Lights Tour is over, and a year and a half later the girls have done so much things away from each other. So, they're distant. Some Relationships were over, oth...
Pretty Little Lovers | Elizabeth Olsen ✔ by lokidyinginside
Pretty Little Lovers | Elizabeth O... by ˗ˏˋ eleanor ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
❝I don't love you.❞ ❝Don't, or won't love me? There's a difference.❞ | in which a girl who dates a girl on screen falls for a...
Dome → Isaac Lahey by pocpolaroid
Dome → Isaac Lahey by bread Fanfiction
After the fatal car crash that took the lives of their parents, Carmen Taylor and her brother, Piers, move to the small town of Beacon Hills, California. She expected a...
This is Real by otpemisonisendgame
This is Real by otpemisonisendgame Fanfiction
A sneak into the lives of the PLL actresses that embody Emison. Are the feelings they are trying to convey through their characters end when the lights in the studio go...
Adopted By the 4 Liars (PLL FANFIC) by MissLaurenMJauregui
Adopted By the 4 Liars (PLL FANFIC) by Olivia Fanfiction
Have you wondered what it would be like living with Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson? +sequel inside
Sashay: Be with me by Emison__Sashay
Petrova Heretic by kiaramanihera
Petrova Heretic by 9️⃣9️⃣9️⃣ Fanfiction
The infamous Katherine Pierce wasn't the only Pierce to remain alive in her family. Her beloved little sister Grace Petrova still walks the earth as the young half vampi...
Acquainted ⇒ Brett Talbot by georginayay
Acquainted ⇒ Brett Talbot by theo raeken trash Fanfiction
Lenore Harrington is definite of three things: 1. Her parents were killed in a car crash, 2. She hates therapy, and 3. She was classed as the orphan freak on her very fi...
My Baby Girl by Prettylittle_fanfics
My Baby Girl by Prettylittle_fanfics Fanfiction
Ashley Benson is a 25 year old celebrity star, on the hit show Pretty Little Liars. Along with all of her glamorous fame and fortune, Ashley has something else, her grea...
Dragon Blood by EXO_BTS_Wolf
Dragon Blood by Wolfe Werewolf
"It is my nature to be kind and caring and loving. But know this: When it comes to matters of protecting my friends, my family and my heart. Do not trifle with me:...
That's a wrap... by lifelovelizzy
That's a wrap... by lifelovelizzy Romance
Sasha Pieterse and Shay Mitchell, famous stars on the hit show pretty little liars. They end up getting there happy ending on the show, but what happens when the cameras...
La muerte se llama... Eleanor. ||| Mrs. Write |||TERMINADA. by Mrs-Write_
La muerte se llama... Eleanor. |||... by Mrs-Write_ Teen Fiction
¿Y si tres días antes de tu boda, te enteras que tu pareja ha sufrido un accidente? Descubre la historia de Nathan y su prometida Eleanor, quienes a tres días de su...
TREAT YOU BETTER ▹ C.EVANS by selcouthsoul
TREAT YOU BETTER ▹ C.EVANS by ―ally Fanfiction
❝I know I can treat you better than he can.❞ [CHRIS EVANS] [MCU CAST] [ALAINA © 2017]
HALLELUJAH | D. WINCHESTER [1] ✔ by yoassbutt
HALLELUJAH | D. WINCHESTER [1] ✔ by epitome of trash Fanfiction
[ C O M P L E T E D ] Unknown: You son of a bitch Unknown: You left and I had to take care of the demons. Kaia: ...Wrong number? ☆☆☆ [ TEXT MESSGING FANFIC ] [ ALTERNATI...
For Better Or For Worse (Sashay) by FartsyWizard
For Better Or For Worse (Sashay) by ris Fanfiction
"Through thick and through thin." Sasha began. "In sickness and in health." I continued. "For richer and for poorer." She sobbed again. &qu...
Emison The Supernatural #Wattys2016 by Neon_Read
Emison The Supernatural #Wattys2016 by Lauren <3 Romance
Have you ever had a love that you met in the middle of the the woods. When you were little, but things go to the opposite and you become best friends. People think tha...