State of Seduction. // Dean Winchester COMPLETE by jadeforsaken
State of Seduction. // Dean Jade Taylor
"You can call it a choice but it never really feels like one. Its like, I make a conscious decision to leave you behind but some unconscious result has me running b...
  • angel
  • demon
  • shifter
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Marauders preferences by Love4Losers28
Marauders preferencesby Kat
Includes -James -Sirius -Remus -Severus -Tom Riddle +anyone else you request
  • severussnape
  • remuslupin
  • black
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Nova - Jacob Black by arisafari151
Nova - Jacob Blackby Aria
I could hear her heart beat, one beat after another. It sounded so in rhythm, I couldn't help but feel as if I need to know who it belonged to, so perfect, more preciou...
  • nova
  • story
  • fan
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Prideby Lindsey
When Katelyn's parents wind up dead in a horrible acident, her life changes starting with her siblings moving to someone elses' home. She knows she could keep them as we...
  • alpha
  • shifter
  • shape
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The Unknown by catalan_andrea
The Unknownby Andrea Montes
Amelia Giselle of France is a french princess and daughter of King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette. She shows a gift. What happens to Amelia in the time of the Fren...
  • shifter
  • cullens
  • jane
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A Shifter's Secret (Revised and Edited) by Maryah_Roses
A Shifter's Secret (Revised and Maryah Rose
Growing up in the wilds of Alaska, Keliea was like any young shifter, well unless you consider having a Goddess with a sick sense of humor normal. Disowned and shunned...
  • shifters
  • friends
  • wearwolf
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Pet Boy by alylovesyouforever
Pet Boyby Aly
A girl named Ellie picks up a stray cat and has the pleasure of waking up to a boy in her bed. Startled, she freaks out and learns that there are many mysterious things...
  • humor
  • shape
  • boys
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Drown Under Earth - Shadows of the Night 3 by Solipsist
Drown Under Earth - Shadows of Solipsist
Well, you could stare at a white wall until you were blue in the face, it would never be more than a white wall. The same was true for the master vampire. A vampire was...
  • servant
  • horror
  • mystery
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Shape Shifter's True Form  by 2ndHandSmoke
Shape Shifter's True Form by 2ndHandSmoke
Willow Winston has always been told that she's never been just human. On the full moon on her sixteenth year, she changes into a panther. Along with her best friend Andi...
  • shift
  • shape
  • romance
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Hope Springs (#Wattys2016) by xxxheartlandxxx
Hope Springs (#Wattys2016)by Haley
Trinity is obsessed with wolves, and when she moves to Hope Springs, at first she thinks that she won't be comfortable there. After all, she's just been separated from t...
  • rhea
  • trinity
  • springs
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When It Rains Art by RainDropTopp
When It Rains Artby RainDropTopp
Art book # 1: I can't draw! No I'm joking (I can partly draw) Cover art drawn by me Btw please skip the first few chapters they are cringey
  • watercolor
  • art
  • painting
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Fallen Angel by booklover4582
Fallen Angelby Samantha
Rose Blackwell is the name, and I am just some normal girl. Ha! If only. Except for the fact that I have huge feathery black wings. My parents once told me that they fou...
  • supernatural
  • death
  • horror
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One piece X Reader ~ The Shape Shifting Beauty  by evilrose365
One piece X Reader ~ The Shape evilrose365
You, (Y/N) (L/N), are one of the most powerful pirate alive and a part of the straw hats crew. However, your powers were not inherited by a devil fruit, you were born wi...
  • piece
  • fiction
  • reader
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The Orphan: a dbd oc by inksans201x
The Orphan: a dbd ocby Ink! Tony the kaonashi gaster
children are supposed to feel love, happiness, and secure. but not all get to feel these things. Little Ember, as she was named by the nurse, was cast away. But her true...
  • huntress
  • shape
  • wraith
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The Howl Of Rejection by QveenMoonlight
The Howl Of Rejectionby Brie
He looked at me all weirdly, and kept sniffing the air like I had the most perfect perfume ever. Then something inside him clicked, and he threw me against a wall. &quot...
  • rejection
  • werewolf
  • goddess
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wild love - gzfell sans x shape shifter reader lemon/smut by RedGenocide
wild love - gzfell sans x shape Red Genocide
This is my First Lemon and this is like secret superhero type of stuff so .... It's not going to be the greatest Lemon
  • lemon
  • shape
  • readerxsans
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Major Bella by tinkerbella16
Major Bellaby Bella
So instead of it being a normal twilight story we have Bella a major in the southern wars since the 1700's so when she's free she leaves and meets Peter and char they go...
  • twilight
  • shifters
  • shape
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Reckless by ItsPrettyReckless
Recklessby ItsPrettyReckless
Some things are just unintended... like bumping into a conceited vampire at a party, hating his guts then - against all your better judgement and frequent protests - ine...
  • phone
  • hayden
  • oil
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Darkest Storm | Darkened 2 | by ZaraKhan850
Darkest Storm | Darkened 2 |by Zara Khan
Highest rank # 3 in action A WAR THAT HAD ALMOST KILLED HER SISTER , A LOVE THAT CAN KILL HER Mia has never complained about being an Immortal warri...
  • war
  • betrayal
  • shape
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unspoken by savingrvce
unspokenby catherine ✨
collection of thoughts and feelings.
  • change
  • lgbt
  • betrayal
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