Godlike by Noriedette
Godlike by Noriedette Bañez Science Fiction
A mad scientist... A robot that becomes a real boy... Boys that can transform into real robots.... A girl that can control hordes of zombies... A mysterious misanthropic...
Casino Royale : Vesper Lynd by _goodbyesadness
Casino Royale : Vesper Lynd by Ingegard Fanfiction
"I'm the money" "Every penny of it" he says, smiling while looking at me. Beautiful Vesper Lynd never doubted her skills in her profession, but...
Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epoch by Ian D. Ghrist Action
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
Past and Present by -comics
Past and Present by Borky and Stove Fanfiction
Book 2!!! Riley is back for various adventures and she must track down the infamous Robin Silver who is wanted from Nick Fury. Riley is digging deep into her past and re...
Starship Walker by AndrewMcBurnie
Starship Walker by Andrew McBurnie Science Fiction
By foot across the galaxy: Walkers transport starships across interstellar space, but their abilities are rare. Few people have the mental talents to control the weird q...
Crying Over Spilt Light (Sci-fi Mind Bender With A Sexy Muse) by mythographystudios
Crying Over Spilt Light (Sci-fi Mi... by mythographystudios Science Fiction
Hire A Muse, Get A Nobel Prize On the verge of abandoning his life-long project, an obsessive physicist hires the innovative service of an android Muse to help him finis...
Janus 02.Redemption #Wattys2017 by IoannaKoliofoti
Janus 02.Redemption #Wattys2017 by Spark D' Ark Science Fiction
The sequel of Janus Quadrifrons. Disclaimer. The story contains triggers on violence, sex, drugs, religion and possibly on every subject that could trigger...
Project 12 by zoggth
Project 12 by Daedalus Science Fiction
CAUTION This document should not be disseminated, distributed, or in any way communicated without extreme caution. - THIS IS FOR YOUR AND OUR PRO...
Quantum Physics by KevinDoesSciFi
Quantum Physics by Diabeetus Non-Fiction
A Book About Schrödinger's Cat. ENJOY!
Battle for Empyrea - Book 1: The Liberation of Earth by WestleyDans
Battle for Empyrea - Book 1: The L... by WestleyDans Science Fiction
In a futuristic world where humans have unique powers, war is constant and unending, but this time, citizens of the Earth are finally taking a stand. Atmos is the cave...
Quantum Karma by underfox777
Quantum Karma by Underfox Adventure
A story about a boy with a fiery spirit named Crono, who will leave a legacy that will last through time.
Get to know the SQUIP! by Actually_Preston
Get to know the SQUIP! by Preston GoodPlay Humor
Ask me questions or dares... Or truths and I'll try to answer/do them just... nothing weird please I will fucking kill you if you do ( nah I won't, but I could) Other...
Time Twist (the future forecast) by night_blood
Time Twist (the future forecast) by night_blood Science Fiction
Time travelling reporter Olie reveals all his secrets about our past, present and future as he discovers how to influence the future of our universe and the reality of s...